Production Company “Pia Pressure” Puts Its Faith In Up And Coming Filmmakers

Pia Pressure, a film and television production company set up to support emerging talent and new voices to make exciting, poignant and original films, was established thanks to the award-winning filmmaker Pia Getty’s passion for finding the next generation of filmmakers and supporting creative talent…

Pic via Instagram | Pia pressure’s directing for girls workshop at the hospital club (c) Instagram/Pia Pressure

Together with producer James Durrant and award-winning director Johnny Kenton, both notable supporters of the creative arts, Pia Pressure’s aim is to elevate emerging talent, female filmmakers and filmmakers from under represented backgrounds.

The company’s Pia Pressure Awards offers the opportunity for filmmakers to receive investor funding and support. Each award winner will receive up to £25,000 to fund their project and guidance. The winners will benefit from becoming life peers, joining Pia Pressure’s network. They will also be expected to give a small amount of time to help first timers, female filmmakers and filmmakers from under represented backgrounds.

Submissions for next year’s Pia Pressure Awards are currently open. Applicants can visit for more information.

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