Exclusive 25% Off Discount To Watch “Dusky Paradise” On Demand

Dusky Paradise, Top 10 Films’ “favourite” film of Raindance 2016, is a “sweet and realistic portrayal of finding a way back into life” and is now available On Demand. We’ve teamed up with the producers to offer you a 25% discount to watch the film online.

Dusky Paradise was Top 10 Films’ “favourite” film of Raindance 2016 so it is with great pleasure we offer you the chance to see the film online. Teaming up with the film’s producers we’ve got an exclusive 25% off voucher to watch the film On Demand via Vimeo.

This is a great chance to see this wonderful comedy-drama which Top 10 Films’ Lyndon Wells called a “feelgood affair that satisfyingly creates an atmosphere of goodwill towards the film from the audience”. In his review, Wells said the film was “very funny” and that it featured subtle moments that distinguished it as an “evocative”, “sweet” and “realistic” stand out film of the Raindance Film Festival.

Indeed, Dusky Paradise was one of Wells’ top 10 “experiences” at the 24th Raindance Film Festival. It is a film “an accomplished filmmaker would be proud of, let alone a first time writer/director (Gregory Kirchhoff),” he wrote.

Kirchhoff’s film follows Jacob, a young man with a truly apathetic attitude, living in his deceased parents’ holiday home with their turtle. This comedy-drama is a sweet and realistic portrayal of finding a way back into life where much more is said during the silent periods. Tackling themes of grief and heartbreak, Dusky Paradise has been described as a “stirring look at the importance of human relationships”.

For your chance to enjoy the film with a 25% discount, head on over to its Vimeo page and enter our exclusive discount code: duskydiscount.

Read Lyndon Wells’ full review: “Dusky Paradise” Is A Sweet & Funny Portrayal Of Finding Your Way Back Into Life

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