Review: The Unborn

Directed by: David S. Goyer
Written by: David S. Goyer
Starring: Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman
Released: 2009 / Genre: Horror / Country: USA / IMDB
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Oh dear. Poor Odette Yustman has only gone and killed her twin brother with her own umbilical cord. The dead foetus has now come back from the dead as the reincarnated spirit of some other dead twin, and is now hell bent on making Odette’s life miserable. Can Rabbi Gary Oldman save her life, Father Karras-style, with a much needed exorcism? I think that’s the story. It’s something along those lines anyway. It doesn’t matter, you will have switched it off long before Oldman makes it to the screen. Don’t worry, he looks as miserable to be there as you’ll be feeling after watching this piece of crap.

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The weirdest thing about David S. Goyer’s The Unborn is not its supernatural subject matter or that it calls the Regan character a dybbuk, it’s the fact it isn’t based on a east-Asian original. Unfortunately for an unsuspecting audience, Goyer has simply based it on his favourite American horror movies. The Unborn is basically two well-known and much better movies. It’s firstly Stephen King’s The Dark Half and secondly William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. You’ll be hurtling popcorn at the screen when the film simply rips scenes straight out of these movies. The silly spider walk may cause those who haven’t seen the longer cut of The Exorcist to just laugh at the stupidity of it. Everyone else will sigh deeply at the total lack of originality.

The Unborn has only one saving grace – a scantily clad Odette Yustman prancing about the place in between attacks from the ‘other side’ – but that’s about it.

Review by Daniel Stephens

the unborn, odette yustman, knickers, bum, horror film,
The above picture sums up The Unborn rather nicely. Odette Yustman’s beautifully pert and proportioned bottom both tells you all your need to know about the film as well as highlighting its only redeeming feature!

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    Fitz Reply

    Well who would’ve guessed this would be terrible? My buddy kept trying to talk me into seeing this, but I wouldn’t budge.

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    Rodney Reply

    I have nothing to add to this review but a simple : yes.

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