Great Film Posters: Raising Cain By Arrow Video

This celebration of the film poster looks at one of UK DVD and Blu-ray distributor Arrow Video’s latest releases – Brian De Palma’s twisted thriller Raising Cain, which features this terrific cover art…

Arrow Video's release of Raising Cain

We’ve talked about Brian De Palma’s Raising Cain at length and, while it has its problems, proves to be a strangely alluring piece of work. That is despite it being far from the director’s best work. For fans, and curious newcomers, Arrow Video has provided us with another terrific release featuring an array of extra features including brand new interviews with star John Lithgow and composer Pino Donaggio. But for our money, this is one of Arrow’s best DVD/Blu-ray covers, a darkly cartoonish woodland setting reminiscent of a fairy tale where a child is unaware of the stalkers prowling around her.

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