Films “On The Go” Review: Wraps CORE Wristband Earphones

The Wraps CORE range brings added audio quality to this brand of fashion accessory earphones which wrap around your wrist and come in a range of colours.

Films “On The Go” Review: Wraps CORE Wristband EarphonesYou will have seen us briefly discuss Wraps’ earphones in our Christmas gift ideas for the perfect movie night and seen us mention Wraps earphones. The first is the TALK range and the second the premium CORE range which brings upgraded titanium speakers to the party. These 10mm titanium speakers bring added clarity to the CORE’s ability to send you the sound quality you want to hear. It’s a nice audible upgrade that is noticeable when they’re tested one against the other. My only criticism is the jump in price from £19.99 for the TALK up to £49.99 for the premium CORE earphones. The jump in quality isn’t that good in my opinion.

But what you do get is a more robust set of in-ear earphones and the potential for a long-lasting product. That might pay you back in future so it’s one thing to consider. The flipside to this argument is the fact Wraps earphones cling to the idea of being a fashion accessory. The brand is distinguished by its focus on the earphones enjoying an array of colours and designs to bring individuality to its user, underpinned by Wraps’ unique selling point: earphones that double as wristbands.

Films “On The Go” Review: Wraps CORE Wristband Earphones

It’s a nice idea and one that will likely thrill younger customers. That makes me lean towards the cheaper TALK range; a much better value range of earphones that also offer a more affordable opportunity to purchase more than one lot of earphones for the fashion conscious. I’m sure they’re trendy, in some circles, but I wasn’t comfortable wearing my Wraps CORE’s in silver around my wrist. I’d much rather keep them in my pocket when not in use. Take this USP out of the equation and what have you got?

Well, certainly within the premium CORE range, you get a good level of audio quality to enjoy. I tried a couple of types of music predominantly – modern rock and film soundtracks – and found a good level of clarity across the sound spectrum; highs perhaps gaining a few more points that low-end sound. There’s a decent level of bass within these small earphones which was pleasant to listen to but for similarly priced in-ear earphones I would have expected a bit more.

Films “On The Go” Review: Wraps CORE Wristband EarphonesThe build quality is pretty good, the lightweight earbuds sitting unobtrusively in the ear. Noise isolating foam tips are also available for that extra bit of sound immersion but I didn’t find that they added anything to the experience. And, despite having its good points, it’s clear Wraps has set a higher price point for the faddish wristband idea when the audio produced by the CORE’s doesn’t merit it.

I would credit the Wraps CORE’s ability to stay in my ear. I’m forever fiddling with earphones but the CORE’s design worked for my ears. They’re reasonably comfortable, importantly stay put, and with the noise isolating foam tips you get another bit of kit to play around with to get to the comfort level that works for you and your ears.

Okay, the wristband idea didn’t work for me but it doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. What is great about the design from this Birmingham-based business is how they’ve developed earphones whose wires do look like fashion items, not simple black or white threads of plastic. And they’ve pushed this angle of their brand with lots of different options for customers.

Indeed, Wraps aren’t just wires wrapped around your wrist; they feel like they have been reverse engineered – these are fashion accessories first, earphones second. The company’s patented slider system keeps things compact, built to lessen the problem of accidental breakage and designed to keep the allow earphones, slider and jack plug all conveniently together. This system does help keep tangles at a minimum.

If you’re connected to a smartphone like most of us are, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a talk function allowing you to take calls while wearing the earphones. Wraps has, alongside its premium CORE range, launched some special editions to add to its range over the festive period and offer even more choice to customers. For those deciding to go for the CORE’s you get a choice of space grey, silver, rose gold and gold.

I applaud Wraps for introducing an innovative concept to the earphone market. With a range of colours and styles, its product is distinguished by a diverse array of choice. As the earphones gain their USP as a fashion accessory, choice is fundamental to the brand and with its limited edition products on sale as well, it’s clear Wraps understands its niche.

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