Christmas Gift Ideas For The Perfect Movie Night

We’ve given you some Christmas gift ideas for the film fan so now let’s see how we can help you make a perfect movie night during the festive period…

Whether it’s a bottle of red wine, cozied-up with your other half in front of a roaring log-burning fire, the hustle and bustle of entertaining board games with family, or a peaceful evening with your own company, Top 10 Films has a few ideas to help make that perfect movie night extra special.

The perfect movie night begins with a perfect movie…

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Perfect Movie NightFinding Dory might not be a “perfect” film but it’s better than most. And what better way to experience it, and ultimately cherish yet another wonderful film from Pixar, than this “big sleeve” version from Disney. Available at select retailers including Amazon and priced at £19.99, these presentations provide ideal Christmas gifts for the film fan as well as wonderful keepsakes for fans. In a world of streaming media, it’s great to see physical releases that beg to be owned and looked after.

This isn’t the only film to earn a Disney “big sleeve” version. Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Cinderella and Guardians of the Galaxy are all available.

Getting the party started…

A movie night with friends and family over the age of 18 will probably involve alcohol. This year we discovered Aperol Spritz, a popular apertif in Italy that’s probably going to become just as popular in the UK thanks to the cocktail being made with Prosecco!

Indeed, an Aperol Spritz is an easy drink to make, and a colourful, lightly alcoholic drink to get the movie party started. Just get yourself a glass, add 3 parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol, a splash of soda and a slice of orange. It might be more of a summer drink, beating Pimms or rosé in some social circles this year with its refreshing and low-alcohol bittersweet taste, but we found it to be a delightful early evening drink, especially if the log-burning fire is roaring.

Check out our top 10 tipples for the perfect movie night here.

Later in the night, perhaps with a meal or after-dinner, there’s nothing that matches a good bottle of red wine. There’s some great deals available in the supermarkets and many wines under £7 will suit most palates. But we were introduced to a slightly more expensive but still affordable bottle of red from wine specialist Garmence. The Côtes du Rhône is part of Garmence’s Batman-inspired “Dark Knights” gift box, paired alongside Garmence’s Utiel Requena and Chianti Classico, and is a richly flavoured wine that brings together three grapes commonly found in the region – Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre – to produce a full-bodied, deeply flavoured red that boasts complex, long-lasting taste. The Dark Knights gift set is available for £29.50.

An ideal family gift for the perfect movie night – Best Of TV & Movies Logo Game

Christmas Gifts for the film fanThe original Logo game was so much fun. If you haven’t played it, it was a simple board game where you or your team tried to be the first to the winning line by answering questions related to popular products. Now the makers of the game have created a film and TV-inspired version of the game called Best of TV and Movies. It’s a fun and entertaining trivia game for those of all ages who loved film and television. This game is also a perfect Christmas gift for the film fan too.

I’m pulling my hair out thinking of stocking fillers – help!?

Of course, Top 10 Films is here to help. We’ve got lots of Christmas gift ideas for the film fan. But when it comes to a perfect movie night this winter, stocking fillers are not only opportunities to surprise loved ones and friends but can offer the opportunity to spice up the evening’s entertainment. A quiz game for instance, toys of the children, gizmos for dads, puzzles for mums, books for the grandparents.

Christmas Gifts for the film fanThe Very Merry Christmas Game is the ideal gift to get the party started! You collect presents as you move around the board with each present having a value depending on how good it is. A cracker pull can determine how you fare as players treat each other to gifts in order to have the highest value of presents by the game’s end. There’s even singing involved. We had a lot of fun with this. Play with family or friends. Children can play too. The game retails at £19.99.

We also enjoyed the popular Mr and Mrs Game which comes as both a traditional board game and a handy pocket-sized version. It’s a game that has become a tradition for us when we have friend over. You can play as couples like the TV show it’s based on but it’s about how well you know someone so playing with family or long-term friends is also fun.

One thing that might come in handy this year is a device that can charge your smartphone and back-up its content at the same time. Step forward the MEEM Memory for iPhone and Android (RRP £39.99 for the 16gb Android and £59.99 for the 32gb iPhone version), the only device of its nature in existence according to its makers. Perhaps most appealing, unlike for instance Apple’s iCloud, is the fact the MEEM device backs up your data with no third party access to it. It’s practical and simple to use, charging your phone and backing up personal data each time it’s plugged in. With the proliferation of smartphones, the MEEM is an ideal gift for anyone.

wraps-ear-phones-christmas-gift-guideHow about these ingenious earphones from Wraps? Yes, these earphones become a fashion accessory by wrapping around your wrist, offering a number of colours and styles to fit the individual. The Wraps Talk range having a starting price of £19.99 from and feature a welcome one button microphone which. Wraps also produce a premium range called Core which offers 10mm Titanium speakers for a fuller, more dynamic sound range with Core’s own set of noise-isolating foam tips included as an option for those that desire that added immersion.

If you’re inviting people around, makes sure the house smells nice!

A good way to keep the house smelling fresh and clean is by burning scented candles. There are loads of scents, types and styles from most household goods retailers but Yankee Candle still leads the way. They are a little more expensive but I’ve always found them to last longer than cheaper candles while providing scents you can appreciate without being overbearing. For Christmas, Yankee Candle has a range of festive-themed scents which are an absolute delight. I particularly like Snow In Love which reminded me of a walk in the woods. Snowflake Cookie is also great – a richer scented candle with chocolate notes.

Getting the home equipped for a movie party!

perfect-christmas-night_gift-ideas_lindy-audio-bluetoothA movie party isn’t just about the film itself. It’s also about the snacks, the drinks, the pre-movie entertainment and perhaps some music to get things going. I’ve been buying Lindy products for the past few years and they always prove to be reliable and good value. If you’re thinking of equipping your home with a bit of affordable tech to enhance your audio-video experience, Lindy have lots of devices to solve pretty much every need.

The latest device I picked up was its BTX-50 Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver Pro (retailing at around £50) which turns my home cinema sound system into a device capable of playing music streamed from a Bluetooth device. My home cinema has no Bluetooth connection but using the BTX-50 Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver Pro via an optical wired connection I was able to get music I’d previously only listened to on headphones through my 5.1 home cinema set-up. It meant I could make full use of speaker system and also add that much-needed sub-woofer boost! Pleasingly, the device is capable of delivering 352kbps thanks to its aptX technology streaming CD-quality audio.

Had a few too many? Be careful not to sit and break your phone! The Gear4 & X-Doria range of phone cases will solve this problem!

Christmas gift ideas - phone casesEver had a few too many drinks (the alcoholic kind) and maybe lost you balance (to put it lightly) and ended up smashing your phone in the fall? Well, there’s a few stylish phone cases out there which offer robust protection to these kind of pitfalls. The perfect movie night might include a bottle of red wine or perhaps even a Vodka or two so there’s every chance this problem could be one you’re faced with. Don’t fear. Here’s the solution.

We thought the X-Doria Defense Lux and Gear ranges stood out thanks to a focus on Apple devices – from iPhones to iPads – and its use of military grade materials (the science actually talks about the material hardening on impact – how futuristic is that!) to protect devices from falls or extreme pressure as the result of being sat on. When I say “extreme pressure”, I’m only trying to example the strengths of the phone case, I’m not making any accusations as to your over-indulgence at Christmas, nor am I suggesting a January diet would be a good idea. But then again, maybe it would…

Competitively priced, the Defense Gear eschews bulk in spite of its ability to add a layer of robust protection to your phone. Which in today’s world could be described as your most prized possession! If the strongly defined lines and industrial effect of the Gear isn’t your thing, try the Lux, a more luxurious offering. There’s also the Revel series of quirky cool snap on cases for the iPhone 7 with some funky designs including a Pug, Panda, Fox and Bear designs. Available from £19.99 to £29.99 there’s plenty of choice and an array of colours. Check out

Christmas gift ideas - phone cases

However, Gear4 offers a good alternative if X-Doria don’t have a style that suits you. Simple, clean lines define the Gear4 range which don’t feel as physically mighty as the X-Doria ranges but offer the amount of protection you’ll need for most eventualities. Gear4 cases are available from or Carphone Warehouse and cater for a range of phones including Samsung S6, S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s/ and 6s Plus.

The movie has finished, now what?

Watch another movie, of course! But if you’re all movie-d out, why not break out the PS4 and have a play on Skylanders Imaginators which offers literally hours and hours of fun. You’ll be up until the small hours if you get addicted to video gaming as much as me. Customisation means you create the characters you want to play with; it’s great for kids who have big imaginations but adults too will be fully immersed in this world thanks to the ability to create your own Skylander with endless options available from powers and abilities to catchphrases and appearance.

The Skylanders Imaginators presentation is an ideal gift idea this Christmas, especially for imaginative children because the game has a life outside of the video game world. For example, the Creation Crystal is a toy that allows players to transport their bespoke Skylanders to any console. Yes, these Toys-to-Life games aren’t cheap but the immersive envrionment and long-term potential of this world makes it good value for money. Skylanders Imaginators is available on various platforms and can be purchased from a number of retailers including Amazon.

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