A Tipple For The Perfect Movie Night In

Top 10 Films knows how to enjoy a movie at home. In our Christmas Gifts for the Film Fan feature we discuss our top 10 affordable gift ideas for the movie buff this year. Now, to make that movie night-in extra special, we check out our favourite alcoholic drinks to complement a movie at home.

Let’s get some honourable mentions out the way first. we loved these drinks but sadly they couldn’t make our top 10. Sheppy’s cider offers a nice alternative to the trendy ciders we see on supermarket shelves at the moment. It’s a refreshing award winning cider from the Three Bridges Farm. Offering a variety of flavours, there is plenty of choice. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a cider lover, Sheppy’s do a nice gift set with a selection of Sheppy cider’s, a bar towel and a glass. Sheppy’s also offer a low-alcohol variety, which I thought was really enjoyable as you can enjoy the flavour without the intensity of the alcohol.

Greenalls Sloe Gin was another that just missed out on the top. What’s lovely about the gin is the enlivened flavour as a result of the gin being mixed with the warming taste of sloes, it really is a perfect winter drink. And, it makes a great Christmas present, as it’s not just a standard bottle of gin, but something a little bit special. Made from hand-picked sloe berries and other botanicals, it really does warm the cockles of your heart on a cold winter’s day.

Another drink we’d recommend is Grants Whisky from Scotland’s oldest family-run, blended whisky maker. What’s great about Grants is that it is suitable for the connoisseur and a causal whisky drinker, making it perfect for any occasion.

10. Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky

glen_morayDistilled by hand on the banks of the River Lossie since 1897, in one of Scotland’s oldest towns. Speyside are dedicated to ensuring consistency in their whisky by never rushing the process, and this shows through in the taste. The Sherry Cask finish of the Glen Moray Single Malt Whisky is sweet with a lasting spicy finish, a nice whisky for an end of Christmas party night cap.

9. Remy Martin Cognac

cognc_rem27Not my usual tipple, but the Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac is delight as a relaxing nightcap. It is named in honour of the Accord Royal granted by King Louis XV to Rémy Martin in 1738, this honour allowed the firm to use his land to plant vines.

8. UBU Cask

ubu_caskWhat better than a real ale cask for everyone to enjoy at a Christmas party. From the Bottle Shack comes the Purity Pure mini cask. Reasonably priced at £17.90, you get a 5-litre cask with 4.5% amber ale, an ideal tippled for beer lovers and casual fans that isn’t too heavy. And, there’s plenty to go around at a small gathering.

7. Cockburn’s Port

cockburn-special-reserve_bottle_1Port, a classic Christmas-time drink that everyone will enjoy. Originally wine merchants, the Cockburn brothers moved into the port industry in 1815 when they opened a branch of their business in Porto, the traditional home of the classic drink. Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port, which we had the delight to taste is trodden from the finest grapes and the left to rest over time in classic oak barrels. Best served in a large glass, paired nicely with cheese or a dessert, to complement the lightly spiced taste, and then just add family and friends.

6. Russian Standard Platinum Vodka / Zubrowka Vodka

Vodka is a perfect spirit for any Christmas party as it forms the base of many cocktails. The Zubrowka Vodka is created from wild bison grass from a remote corner of Poland. The use of the grass creates a unique flavour adding a freshness to a classic spirit. And if you prefer a clean, crisp vodka in your cocktail, the Russian Standard Platinum Vodka is ideal and is made from the finest Russian ingredients.

5. Mr Black – coffee liquor

mr-black-bottleMr Black Coffee liquor is the perfect accompaniment for adding a little cheekiness to your coffee on a cold winter’s day. Blended from three different coffee beans (Brazilian Arabica, Ehtiopean Djimmah and PNG), Mr Black offers a balanced taste of bitter and sweet with the delight of a fresh espresso shot. Loved adding this to one of my favourite cocktails, a White Russian.

4. Sassy Cider – L’INIMITABLE

sassyA lovely balance between dryness and sweet notes, this cider is a delight served over some nice cold ice. Some may see this as more of a summer drink, but really it is perfect all year-round. Picture this, it’s snowing outside and you’re snuggled on the sofa in front of a roaring fire with an icy class of L’INIMITABLE Sassy Cider. I enjoyed the cider neat, but on the website, there are a number of cocktails listed to use with their range of ciders, all perfect for a Christmas gathering.

3. Whitley Neill Gin

whitley_neill_ginSold as a ‘vibrant gin with bold, warm flavours – perfect for bringing cocktails to life’, it is just that and more. The African botanicals inspired this gin, specifically the baobab tree’s wild fruit, among others. Produced in antique copper pot still, the flavours power through in every drink.

2. Mason’s Gin

masons-barMasons Yorkshire Gin, the first Gin to be distilled in Yorkshire. Made from a variety of botanicals, including from their own juniper bushes, the flavours shine through in every mouthful. And as an added bonus, Masons has even developed its own gin-spired cocktails! This gin is perfect for gin lovers and Yorkshire lovers alike, and can be purchased from stockists across Yorkshire as a single bottle, or as a gift set – so the ideal Christmas present.

1. Rock Rose Gin

rock-rose-gin_fromwebsiteGin, my favourite drink to start the party with and wow, what a delight Rock Rose gin is. 55 experiments led to this award winning gin, which was first distilled in 2014. Juniper berries, rhodiola rosea, sea buckthorn and rowan berries are just a few of the Scottish botanicals that form this wonderful drink. Whether you prefer to mix your gin with a cocktail, enjoy it in a classic way with added tonic, or just straight up, Rock Rose gin is a perfect accompaniment, and a great gift for any gin lover – not to mention the stunning bottle it comes in.

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