Tech Review: One For All SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

The One For All SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender allows you to control your audio-video devices wirelessly and is ideal for sending a full HD video signal and Dolby Digital 5.1 to a second TV…

Tech Review: One For All SV1760 Wireless HDMI SenderThe One For All SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender solves a problem I’ve had for a long time. I only have one blu-ray player and one Sky TV box but want to watch Blu-rays and Sky TV in my bedroom. I have three options to accomplish this. The first option is to buy another Blu-ray player and get Sky Multiroom. That’s costly. The cheap option is to take my hardware to my bedroom when needed but that is annoying, time-consuming and messy. The third option, which is my favourite, is to buy a HD audio-video “sender”. It’s cost effective, cuts down on clutter and makes watching films in separate rooms so much easier. Step up One For All’s SV 1760 Wireless HDMI Sender!

Small, neat and easily hidden away, the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender from One For All takes any HD source (audio and video) with HDMI output and sends it to a device with a HDMI input. In comparisons with the source, the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender provides almost identical and delay-free audio-video when the transmitter and receiver are in acceptable range. During optimum conditions – which I’ll discuss later – the image appears to retain the qualities of the original source. I didn’t notice any additional noise or disruption to the image during testing and the audio was excellent.

That said, the transmitter and receiver must be within a 30 metre range and have no walls or ceilings getting in the way. If there is a wall or ceiling in the way, the range is drastically reduced. So its capacity to work for you will depend on far your HD sources are away from each other. During direct line of sight testing the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender managed to meet its claim of 30 metres. However, I needed it to work from the source downstairs to the receiver upstairs. This was a distance of around 12 metres and through a single floor. One For All’s device managed it perfectly well. Audio is, like the video, excellent when the transmitter and receiver are in range with the device able to transmit Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks as well as PCM stereo.

However, it helped that the downstairs TV set-up and upstairs TV were directly above each other. When testing the system with a TV in a different bedroom at a distance of around 18 metres and a floor and wall to go through, the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender didn’t produce an image that would be deemed watchable. It either broke up or lost signal completely. This suggests that the device is better suited to wireless audio-video transmission within the same room where, for example, HD devices might not be close enough to connect to a TV or projector system via wires.

That said, there is one nagging problem that the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender doesn’t seem able to solve and that’s an annoying level of image judder during camera panning. Even when perfectly in range with no walls distorting the signal, the images suffers from juddering which becomes an infuriating problem when the camera pans.

Issues aside, one of the great things about the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender, is the ability to control your source device without having to press play downstairs and run upstairs quick enough not to miss the beginning of the film. This is especially handy if, like me, you’re using it to send a Blu-ray film to your set-up in the bedroom. This is accomplished from an IR receiver that sits with your second screen and connects to an IR transmitter which sit in the line of sight of you Blu-ray player/Sky TV box etc.

Should I get One For All’s SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender?

Tech Review: One For All SV1760 Wireless HDMI SenderIf you’d benefit from sending a HD audio-video signal from your source device to a distant TV or projector that might be too far away for a wired connection or in another room no more than 12 metres away and not exceeding one wall or ceiling in between, then the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender will satisfy your needs. It will transmit, within its optimum range, an excellent high-definition image and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. The only variation between source and “sent” signal is excessive image judder that is most noticeable during camera pans.

Available at around £150 from most retailers, the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender is good value for money when the alternatives are considered. But there are alternatives such as investing in additional hardware such as a second Blu-ray player (which may be a cheaper option), putting in a professionally installed wired connection, subscribing to a multiroom contract with Sky TV, or considering an alternate source for movies on your bedroom/second room set-up such as a Smart TV which can connect to services like Netflix or an Amazon Fire TV Stick which turns your HD TV into a Smart TV allowing you access to online streaming services.

For me, the SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender was a good addition to my audio-video set-up at home. It’s clutter-free, user-friendly and easily set-up. For the requirements I needed it for, the device accomplished its brief quite well.

4 stars SV1760 Wireless HDMI Sender

Written by Rory Fish

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