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What are the world’s favourite movies? Top 10 Films takes a trip across the globe thanks to new research by to discover the best films globally based on their box office take.

Avatar, Top 10 Films

When it comes to the best films by nation, Avatar remains a popular commercial hit.

Sometimes it’s easy in the West to think Hollywood film is the only cinematic entertainment out there. But travel around the world and you quickly see how homegrown cinema has, in some cases, appealed to international audiences more so than Tinseltown product. That isn’t to say Hollywood doesn’t dominate from Los Angeles to Tokyo but cinema internationally reveals some fascinating quirks where local or regional cinema has proven more popular than the “Avatars” of this world.

What are the best films worldwide?

Have a look at the infographic below to travel across the globe in 60 seconds and sample some of the world’s favourite films since 2006. The films that have proven most popular are based on box office figures over the last decade. While Avatar dominates – it’s the most commercially successfully film in most European countries and Australasia – it is Star Wars: The Force Awakens that wins the money-making battle in the USA and Canada. Elsewhere, things get very interesting.

Furious 7 is South Africa’s favourite film since 2006, while Skyfall is the box office champion in Nigeria and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Ghana. Ice Age: Continental Drifts is Chile’s favourite, Minions is Uruguay’s and Mamma Mia Sweden’s. Outside of Hollywood’s production line, Loufa Kai Parallegi and The Mermaid are the top grossing films in Greece and China respectively.

best films, Top 10 Films Across The World
Data on the gross earnings by films in each country featured in the research was collected from and is correct as of October 2016.

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    This is amazing. My favourite is Japan loving Frozen that much.

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    Fascinating. As if Chile’s favourite is Ice Age! Haha!

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