Yaddo Invites Brits To Pitch Their Documentary Film Ideas

New service Yaddo, which celebrates and streams independent documentaries from around the world, has announced it will commission up to 125 documentary films in 2017 and has called on Brits to come forward with their ideas…

Yaddo Invites Brits To Present Their Documentary Film Ideas

Yaddo Invites Brits To Present Their Documentary Film Ideas

Nick Fraser, who recently launched new documentary service Yaddo, is the man behind documentaries such as Man On Wire & Blackfish. The online streaming service launched across Europe in September before rolling out worldwide this month with the attention of bringing original voices to a large, international audience.

Fraser’s ambition has seen him make a pledge to commission 125 films from original ideas in one year and has invited Brits to come forward with their own original ideas. Once produced, the films will join the ever expanding and eclectic mix of handpicked documentaries currently available on the platform.

Would-be documentarians who grab Yaddo’s attention will be asked to produce a five-minute “work in progress” film – which will be published on the platform – before attracting investors to fully commission the film. Pitches can be made either in-person – with Yaddo’s office address given to those who email in – or for those not based close to London, pitches can be made over Twitter (tweeting @YaddoDocs) or by emailing [email protected]. Yaddo will review the ideas that come through and get in touch with those who strike a chord with Fraser and his team.

Fraser took to the streets of London with a picket board stating “WE CAN MAKE YOUR DOCUMENTARY IDEA REALITY” to launch the drive for ideas. The former BBC Storyville editor, who has worked on documentaries for nearly 20 years, believes some of the best ideas have come from chance encounters with real people telling their story. He has commissioned some of his best documentaries due to chance encounters with people telling him their stories – chance chats in the back of cabs and conversations with people in restaurants have led to films being commissioned previously.

He said: “Some of my best documentaries have come about through chance conversations with real people while I’ve been out and about. When I was at the BBC everyone knew how to get in touch with me to pitch ideas – my office door was always open. I’m now hitting the streets to hear ideas from real people, at Yaddo we believe the best stories are always true, so we look forward to hearing many more. Sending your idea could mean it’s commissioned, filmed and available to the world within a year. We can, and do, tell stories from anywhere in the world. An email, tweet or chat could be the start of something special.”

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