Top 10 Toys For Kids This Christmas

Need inspiration for that Christmas spend this year? At the Awards, where toys are tested and rewarded solely by children, the top 10 was revealed. The list gives parents a good idea what will entertain the kids this December 25th!

It’s not long until Christmas. Yes, believe it or not, that time of year is coming around again. Parents will be agonising over what will entertain their kids come Christmas Day and thankfully, because of the recent awards, we have some recommendations that will prove to be surefire winners.

Are you listening Santa Claus? The kids have spoken. They want Anki OVERDRIVE Supertrucks, Air Storm Firetek Bows and Skylanders Imaginators at Christmas 2016. Thanks to the guys at Firetek and Anki, Top 10 Films has had the privilege of trying out two of the top 10 toys as voted for by children at the Awards this year.

The best toy winners were unveiled at Kidtropolis by YouTube star Tiana of Toys and Me and children’s TV presenter Nigel Clarke. 2016 saw the Awards celebrate its third annual awards where only the best toys – as voted by children themselves – make it on to the list.

Kidtropolis, the funtastic event for kids and families, took place in October at ExCeL London, with a host of fun and exciting experiences for kids aged 12 and under.

Gemma Gallagher of said, “The Awards gives children the opportunity to have a voice, because when it comes to favourite toys, children often have very different choices to adults. I’ve been really pleased to see that the winning toys have been extremely well received from both boys and girls of all age groups.

“Both the winner and the first runner-up are massive surprises in terms of their appeal. I didn’t think it was possible to design a toy that children aged anywhere between 4 and 12 could love! It’s also great to see Star Monsters making an appearance on the list.”

A couple of toys that stood out for Top 10 Films were Zing’s Air Storm Firetek Bow and Anki’s Overdrive Supertrucks – both brilliant ways to get kids into the action movie spirit in a safe and healthy way. Firetek’s products, for example, are an ideal gift for children with lots of energy to burn as they promote outdoor activity and physical exercise. You can expect tired kids ready for a movie night in after a few hours play with these.

The Firetek Bow and Anki Overdrive Supertrucks will prove popular gifts this Christmas

The Firetek Bow and Anki Overdrive Supertrucks will prove popular gifts this Christmas

Alternatively, you can keep the kids inside but similarly entertained. Anki’s Overdrive racing circuits and racing cars are imaginative and unique, marrying the latest technology and video game-like immersion with a physical environment. Intelligent, evolving and built to your own specifications thanks to various racing track orientation options, different cars and regularly updating software, Anki’s Overdrive is perfect for the Little Lewis Hamilton.

Here’s the top 10 toys this year:

10. VTechKidi Super Star (VTech) (£49.99)


9. Silly Sausage (John Adams) (£19.99)


8. Zoomer Chimp (Spin Master) (£119.99)


7. Furby Connect (Hasbro) (£99.99)


6. Anki OVERDRIVE Supertrucks (ANKI) (£59.99)


5. Air Storm Firetek Bow (Zing Global Ltd.) (£29.99)


4. Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle (Hasbro) (£19.99)


3. Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster (Hasbro) (£59.99)


2. Hatchimals (Spin Master) (£59.99)



1. Skylanders Imaginators (Activision) (£49.99)


Special prizes were given to Hatchimals (Best Toy as Voted by Girls &
The Best Invention of 2016), Skylanders Imaginators (Best Toy as Voted by Boys, Most Fun Toy of 2016 & Most Awesome Gaming Toy), and Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster (The Coolest Toy of 2016). Elsewhere, Robot Engineer was voted Favourite Educational Toy.

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