Elstree Studios Unveils Sculptures Of Steven Spielberg & George Lucas To Celebrate Their Work

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are two of Elstree Studios’ best remembered filmmakers thanks to their work on iconic films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars. To celebrate their contribution to cinema and their Elstree legacy, sculptures have been created by Lifecast which is based at the Studios.


George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are two of many famous directors who have worked at Elstree Studios. To honour their creative contribution to the history of Elstree Studios, busts have been sculpted of them both. On seeing pictures of the bust, Spielberg said he loves the finished product. Elstree is a very special place to him and being commemorated in this way warms his heart.

The busts were made by Lifecast’s Creative Director John Schoonraad and Sculptor Brendan Lonergan. A bust of Alfred Hitchcock was last year, presented to the BFI where it is on display.

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    Dan Grant Reply

    They both deserve it. They both helped put Elstree on the map. Raiders and Star Wars really benefited from Elstree and I think it’s a synergistic relationship.

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