Daniel Radcliffe Refuses To Close The Door On Harry Potter

Despite coyly dismissing the mention of returning to play Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe refuses the close the door on a return to wizardry sometime in the future…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Daniel Radcliffe might say it’s unlikely he’ll return to play Harry Potter but he doesn’t rule it out completely. Speaking of Harrison Ford and his return to the Star Wars franchise, he told Kiss FM Breakfast: “I’m sure when he finished those films originally he could never have pictured himself going back. He had thirty years or something in between. I’ve had about six.”

So he’s not fond of the idea right now. I don’t blame him. But what about in future. “I would never close the door on anything cos that’ll be stupid,” he says.

During the conversation, where Radcliffe was promoting new films Imperium and Swiss Army Man, the subject of the new new West End play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was raised. The actor was quick to say he wouldn’t be rushing to the theatre.

“It would be a very weird thing to go and see it in a crowd of excited Harry Potter fans. I feel some people would be watching me for my reaction to the play. I would never wanna be a distraction from anything going on on stage. I go to the theatre to relax and enjoy stuff. And I might not feel particularly relaxed.”

Daniel Radcliffe was talking to Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on KISS FM Breakfast

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