Tom Cruise Will “Never Go Back” As “Jack Reacher 2” Nears October 21 Release

A new poster has been released to mark the UK release of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the sequel to 2012’s action film starring Tom Cruise as the eponymous nomadic hero. The new film will debut in cinemas on October 21.

Tom Cruise Will "Never Go Back" As Jack Reacher 2 Closes On October 21 Release

In between taking “impossible” missions, Tom Cruise is mixing things up as Jack Reacher, an equally ambiguous American hero who wanders the United States looking for injustice and putting things right. Set four years after the events of director Christopher McQuarrie’s forgettable effort, Cruise’s eponymous former soldier returns to the headquarters of his old military unit only to find he’s accused of a murder that supposedly took place sixteen years ago. In trying to clear his name he unveils a bigger conspiracy.

The source novels from author Lee Child lend themselves to cinema because of their high-octane action and fast-paced plots but Jack Reacher’s debut in 2012 wasn’t anything to write home about. Let’s home director Edward Zwick can do better with Never Go Back.

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    Aodhan: Waste management Reply

    Looking forward to this. Always room for Cruise. Quite enjoyed the first one despite the annoyance by readers of the novels.

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