Will Smith Gatecrashes IMAX 3D Screening Of “Suicide Squad” In Dubai

Dubai has built – quite literally – a reputation for the spectacular. That, it would seem, extends to its IMAX cinemas too after an audience was treated to more spectacle at a screening of Suicide Squad in IMAX 3D when Will Smith turned up to introduce the film.

Will Smith Gatecrashes IMAX 3D Screening Of "Suicide Squad" In Dubai

Will Smith gatecrashed an IMAX 3D screening of Suicide Squad in Dubai to thank the audience for coming to see the film and speak about his enjoyment making it. Supporting the film’s worldwide exhibition in IMAX 3D theatres where it has been digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience┬« with proprietary IMAX DMR┬« (Digital Re-mastering) technology, Smith gazed up at the screen and marvelled at its super-sized scale.

“This is a beautiful room,” he said, gazing around the packed auditorium. “We had a really spectacular time making this film. One of the things I really love is when you look at the cast there’s so many different races and creeds and colours, it’s a rainbow of humanity.”

Will Smith Gatecrashes IMAX 3D Screening Of "Suicide Squad" In Dubai

He added that he was “very humbled and honoured by the reception” it has received, noting the box office records it was successfully achieving in various territories.

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    I really like how supportive he is of this film, unlike Leto, despite the negative press.

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