Christopher Nolan Tantalises In His Own Unique Way With “Dunkirk” Trailer

Christopher Nolan’s latest production Dunkirk follows the exploits of allied soldiers during World War II trying to escape advancing German forces, their backs against the sea, the odds stacked against them. The film is set for release next year.

Filmed on location in Dunkirk using IMAX 65mm large format film stock, Christopher Nolan’s latest film is an adaptation of one of World War II’s most celebrated survival stories. In 1940, the German advance during the early part of the war saw Belgian, British, and French troops cut off and surrounded. An evacuation plan was quickly assembled to extract hundreds of thousands of allied troops from the Dunkirk shoreline before the German forces broke through a flimsy last line of defence. Nolan’s Dunkirk begins in the midst of battle with stranded soldiers awaiting boats to take them to safety.

The announcement video, released today, is typically operatic. Nolan can make the simplest things cinematic (think of the spinning top in Inception). In the film’s announcement trailer (otherwise known as the trailer-for-the-trailer), British soldiers with their recognisable dish-plate helmets line the Dunkirk shores. A single infantryman turns his head to the sound of a potential enemy aircraft. As the aircraft draws nearer, others acknowledge the sound, and crucially, the danger. The aircraft swoops in off-screen, its presence marked by the increase in its engine noise and the duck-for-cover reaction of thousands of men.

Dunkirk is set for release July 21, 2017.

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    Courtney Reply

    I’m surprised with it’s summer release next year! Looking forward to this one!

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    [email protected] Reply

    I’m really excited to see Nolan’s take on this WWII story. The sounds of the waves and aircraft engine roaring is super intense. Can’t wait to see more!

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