Richard Dreyfuss: “I Have The Finest Body Of Work Of Any American Actor”

In a recent interview, actor Richard Dreyfuss said he can’t understand why people think he lost his way after the 1970s and that his body of work is the finest of any American actor. Top 10 Films agrees

Let It Ride, Film, Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss in one of the 1980s greatest comedies Let It Ride

“I think I have the finest body of work of any American actor,” said Richard Dreyfuss in a recent interview with The Guardian to promote new film Reckless (previously released as Zipper in the USA). Top 10 Films wouldn’t disagree with that statement.

Indeed, Dreyfuss remains underrated among his Hollywood generation (which includes the likes of De Niro, Pacino and Hoffman). Why wouldn’t he be talked about in the same league as those acclaimed stars? Is it a perceived arrogance?

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Richard Dreyfuss, Suburbia In Peril, Steven Spielberg,

Dreyfuss in Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind

His sentiments about his own career might not dilute thoughts of ego and self-worth but during the same interview Dreyfuss talked about his greatest films being the masterworks of the director while admitting to his own naivety inside the Hollywood “system” and his failings as a husband.

Dreyfuss also acknowledged that he had the opportunities to build upon his star persona in the late 1970s and 1980s but chose to pick projects that reflected his principles not those that necessarily offered the biggest pay cheque. “I am perceived as someone who has fallen. That I was a big hoo-ha in the 70s and fell away,” he says. “I see it as I didn’t want to be top of the top, because none of them leave their homes or have a normal life. I was given the chance to get up there and I turned it down.”

What About Bob?, Richard Dreyfuss, Bill Murray, Frank Oz, Top 10 Films

Dreyfuss with Bill Murray in fun comedy What About Bob

Most will know him as Hooper in Jaws and Roy Neary in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Both great films and great performances but there’s so much more to this actor’s resume. There are few comedies in the 1980s as good, witty or heartwarming as Let It Ride, and even less sporting the manic energy of performance in other 80s favourites such as Moon Over Parador, Tin Men or Down and Out In Beverly Hills. There’s also the infinitely re-watchable buddy-cop comedy Stakeout, the acclaimed Mr. Holland’s Opus and one of the greatest romantic comedies no one has ever heard of The Goodbye Girl.

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