Our Obsession With TV Binge-Watching Has Made The Bathroom The New Home Cinema

Is your obsession to keep up with the latest TV such that you take an Ipad to the bathroom for comfort viewing while doing a “number TWO”? Binge-watching on the toilet is something most Brits are used to – apparently.

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Go on, admit it. Do you watch TV while in the bathroom? I know I do. There’s nothing better than enjoying a bubble bath with the Ipad positioned neatly on the toilet ready for me to catch up with the latest video-on-demand. Maybe some of you are trying to binge-watch an American drama series to catch up with the masses, or re-watching a sitcom for the ultimate in relaxation?

It’s great. Who wouldn’t do it? And if you haven’t already – what are you waiting for? At least recent research proves I’m not on my lonesome when it comes to serving my media diet on-the-bog!

BBC Store commissioned a survey that studied 2,000 Brits’ viewing habits. A quarter of those in the study happily took a handheld device into the bathroom while they were on the loo. One out of five did a similar thing while in the bath.

Of course, the bathroom – with its characteristic privacy – gives viewers the chance to catch up with a TV episode or film that they wouldn’t want their housemates to know about. No, I’m not talking about films rated X but perhaps the soap-obsessed secretly watching the Eastenders omnibus while soaping theirs nooks and crannies. Or perhaps you’re a bit embarrassed about loving reality TV like Big Brother or The Only Way Is Essex?

“Watching their favourite shows is more important to people than ever before, as these results prove,” said a BBC Store spokesperson. “There’s almost nothing that can stop someone when they’re hooked on a must-see drama or comedy and clearly the bathroom proves a sanctuary for this.”

This means the bathroom isn’t the only place we get our fix of TV or film. More than one in ten have streamed a television programme while on the beach; one in seven will stream their shows while at the side of the pool; and one in four will enjoy comedy or a drama while in the passenger seat or backseat of the family car. Other places people revealed they had watched TV and film include the gym, the doctor’s surgery, shop changing rooms and at university during lectures.

It’s a fact. We’re addicted. Inn fact, 31% of people admitted they had told a white lie to get out of a social commitment in order to fuel their addiction. Now that’s commitment (or maybe these people just don’t have very interesting friends).

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