“Kidulthood” Actor Femi Oyeniran Takes The Director’s Chair For “The Intent”

The Intent sees Kidulthood actor Femi Oyeniran take the director’s chair alongside Kalvadour Peterson for The Intent, a hard-hitting British drama that features some of the UK’s leading rappers in key roles.


Set for cross-platform release July 29 – including a theatrical run – Nicky Slimting Walker and Femi Oyeniran present The Intent. It follows the exploits of an undercover police officer assigned by the Metropolitan Police to track and capture a notorious criminal gang. As the officer becomes entangled in a web of gang culture and lies, will he have “The Intent” to abide by their oath to the force or succumb to the pressure and remain loyal to his crew?

Director and Producer, Femi Oyeniran says: “We wanted to create a film that harked back to the American classics we grew up watching – Paid in Full, Juice, Belly and In Too Deep, films that starred the most popular rappers of their time. So we have been meticulous in putting every aspect of the film together from its conception to its release.

“From casting some of the best UK talent like Scorcher, Krept & Konan and Fekky, amongst others, to supplementing the film with a monumental soundtrack and music videos with leading artists such as Ghetts. We have also been working closely with new platform Ourscreen and believe that it is the future of cinema, especially for younger audiences as it gives them greater choice and flexibility over theatrical screenings.”

Determined to break the mould of filmmaking, Walker and Oyeniran have partnered with UK based digital-social platform, Ourscreen – which aims to support the great work being done in cinema across the UK and enables film fans to control their local screens.

Walker, Writer and Producer, says: “The Ourscreen model is a perfect way to make sure our film demographic are able to see it in their local cinema where it might not have been showing by setting up their own screening with friends and family. My hope is that The Intent will be the first in a long line of films that we plan to unleash to youth audiences with this platform.”

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