Casey Affleck: It’s performance art!

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Casey Affleck has finally revealed his documentary into Joaquin Phoenix’s attempts to become a rap star after retirement from acting was in fact a set-up. From the clips revealed so far, had the film actually been real life, it would surely be too sad a look at one man’s destruction to be funny. And yet the film is funny – at least the clips and trailer reveal some amusing moments. Here’s another clip with Joaquin messing about in the snow:

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    Thomas Reply

    oh dude, if you want to listen to some guys who tell you all the reasons why it is completely irrelevant whether it’s a hoax or not, but why it is a terribly boring film one way or the other, listen in to the latest Filmspotting podcast…

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    Fitz Reply

    That particular clip isn’t very entertaining, or funny. Hopefully they don’t use that to market the film.

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