Louis Theroux’s Big Screen Documentary “My Scientology Movie” Will Arrive In The Autumn

Louis Theroux’s much-anticipated feature film documentary My Scientology Movie, a film which debuted at the London Film Festival in 2015, might finally have a release date. They’re just not telling us (officially)…

Louis Theroux's Big Screen Documentary Film About Scientology Nears Release

…but Louis Theroux has revealed via Twitter that it should hit cinemas in early autumn.

Theroux, renowned for his low-key curiosity of the weird and the outlandish thanks to numerous TV documentaries about religious, social and political subcultures, celebrity lifestyle and quirky popular figures, tried to get a film about Scientology made many years ago. However, the door was shut tight.

Those on the “inside” were unwilling to talk to him despite his catalogue of films including a pair of characteristically open-minded TV documentaries about the Westboro Baptist Church, otherwise known as the “most hated family in America”.

Failing to gain favour with the religion’s elders, Theroux decided to make a film about Scientology anyway. Unlike his previous work which featured him entering the world’s of those he wanted to document in order to get a better understanding of what makes his “focus of the week” tick, My Scientology Movie will see Theroux oversee a series of dramatic reconstructions of events purported to have occurred within the movement’s hierarchy as witnessed by former senior church official Mark Rathbun.

The film received a positive critical response at the London Film Festival when it screened in October 2015. Conveniently, and certainly applauded by the film’s marketing team, the Church of Scientology denounced the film and reportedly put its filmmakers under surveillance.

Altitude Films will release the film theatrically with Theroux taking to Twitter to announce that he expects it to land in October or November.

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