Daniel Craig Leaving James Bond Won’t Harm The Franchise Says Industry Expert

The James Bond producers are now seeking a new 007 after Daniel Craig reportedly turned down a lucrative deal to return for two more movies. But will the success of the 48-year-old actor hinder the franchise as it enters a new phase in its existence?

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We’ve had our say on who should replace Daniel Craig if he decided to hang up his his licence to kill and now it appears MGM are working down the list picking their own favourites. But Daniel Craig’s success as James Bond – which saw him star in Skyfall, one of the series’ best and most commercially successful entries – will surely leave a tough hole to fill…

Marketing expert Jacques De Cock doesn’t think so saying the Bond brand is “one of the strongest out there” and “bigger than the actors who play the title role”. He qualifies this by adding that it has been proven “time and time again.”

Faculty member of the London School of Marketing, De Cock says that the producers have made good calls on casting throughout its history, placing an actor fit for purpose at that “moment” in time. “Roger Moore was more class than toughness, whereas Daniel Craig is more toughness than class to make him more relevant” but “all have the same characteristics – he’s his own man who doesn’t follow convention, he’s classy and never loses his sense of style and he’s tech savvy.”

He adds, “The James Bond franchise is a juggernaut. It combines drama, humour, suspense, romance and intrigue to make it the giant it is.”

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