Top 10 Films About Seventies Music

A period of transition, of personal boom and bust, of big trousers and big rock n roll, the seventies was a memorable decade for popular music. Unsurprisingly, seventies music has played an important dramatic role in films depicting the period. Here’s our top 10…

According to Sky Atlantic’s new TV series Vinyl, co-created by the Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger, the seventies was the bad old days of pop music. This was a time when record company men were drunk, violent maniacs who murdered each other, felt up every woman within reaching distance, and had their assistants keep drawers full of narcotics to keep the bands in line.

The show premiered on HBO in the States earlier this year and debuts in the UK this month. To welcome Vinyl making its appearance on this side of the pond, Top 10 Films checks out ten great movies about seventies music.

There’s those from the period (Saturday Night Fever in 1977 and The Last Waltz in 1978) to contemporary nostalgia in Dazed and Confused (1993) and Almost Famous (2000). Find out what else made the list below…

Vinyl is available to download from April 19th after its run on Sky Atlantic. The show is a gluttonous and giddy look into the machinations of the industry through the eyes of chauvinistic label boss Richie Finestra, a man with the Midas touch and, simultaneously, the uncanny ability to mess it all up on a titanic scale.

Almost Famous (2000)


Dazed and Confused (1993)

Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater, Film

The Last Waltz (1978)

The Last Waltz, music concert film,

Detroit Rock City (1999)

Top 10 Films About Seventies Music

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Top 10 Films About Seventies Music

The Filth and the Fury (2000)

The Filth and the Fury, Film

The Runaways (2010)

Top 10 Films About Seventies Music

Velvet Goldmine (1998)


CBGB (2013)

Top 10 Films About Seventies Music

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    A few alternatives to this list (which is great by the way) – Rock n Roll High School, Phantom of the Paradise and FM. All these are worth seeing.

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    Wow. Wee. Seventies music has got some bloomin’ great movies.

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