New clip from Joaquin Phoenix’s (mock?) documentary I’m Still Here

14th Sep 2010 – As Joaquin Phoenix returns to cinemas across the UK on the 17th September after a self-imposed absence, Top10Films checks out this little clip in an attempt to discover whether we are watching truth or myth. We can’t decide – so it’s over to you.

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I’m Still Here (Dir. Casey Affleck):

*video requires Quicktime compatability

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  1. Avatar
    Jaccstev Reply

    I think the reason there is so much negative publicity is because they appear to be trying to make this out to be reality (if indeed it is a hoax).

  2. Avatar
    Danny King Reply

    It was just reported today that this experiment was indeed a hoax, although Casey Affleck claimed he didn’t want to have it come out this way. I found the whole summary at InContention, although I’m sure it has spread to plenty of movie sites by now.

  3. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Cheers for that Danny. I was expecting it to come out as a hoax sooner or later. I’m glad that it is though – somehow, from the clips I’d seen, there was a touch of sadness to it if it was indeed real.

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