Trailer Watch: Ricky Gervais Hits Netflix In April With “Special Correspondents”

Ricky Gervais’ new film Special Correspondents will debut exclusively on Netflix on April 29 and Top 10 Films has early access to the brand new trailer…

Special Correspondents, Ricky Gervais - Top 10 Films

Netflix will debut Ricky Gervais’ latest film Special Correspondents April 29, an original movie for the internet television network and its 69 million members worldwide written, directed and starring Gervais. The Office creators stars alongside Eric Bana, Kelly Macdonald, Vera Farmiga and Kevin Pollak, follows the exploits of a struggling New York radio journalist who fakes front line war reports from the comfort of a Spanish restaurant in Queens to put himself back on the media map.

Special Correspondents Trailer:

Ricky Gervais explains why he chose Netflix as the platform on which to launch his latest project: “I think Netflix will see the return of the auteur to movie making. Zero interference and a guaranteed audience. Perfect.”

Special Correspondents, the feature film starring Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana will premiere on April 29, 2016 exclusively to Netflix members worldwide.

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