6 Reasons Neither Can Win In “Batman V Superman”

The battle of the DC Comic Book superhero giants begins March 25 as we witness Batman v Superman. But who will win the fight? A recent poll asked audiences that very question…

6 Reasons Neither Can Win In "Batman V Superman"

In preparation for the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film, Casino Bonus Tips conducted a survey on who film fans wanted to come out on top. From the many trailers that have been released and the little snippets floating around the internet, the battle between the two comic giants looks to be epic. When asked, 44.4% of the survey participants were leaning more towards the man of steel himself, Superman, but 28.6% claimed that it was a close call and the battle may result in a draw.

We take a look at 6 reasons why those people may have a point, and how the two are more equally matched than most people think.

6 Reasons Neither Can Win In "Batman V Superman"1. Batman is well aware of Superman’s kryptonite weakness and knows exactly how to use it to defeat him. One of his most renowned weapons he’s used against Superman, is a kryptonite ring, which he used to bring down an out of control Superman.

2. Batman’s armoured suit gives him both the strength and protection he needs to give Superman a run for his money in hand to hand combat.

3. Batman now has enough tech to power a small army. With Superman’s abilities, he’s basically a walking weapon. Now, in more modern adaptations of the character, Bruce Wayne has tech that helps him fly, gives him extra protection, extra strength and extra fire power.

4. There’s no argument that Superman is the strongest of the two, however one of his main weaknesses is his strong moral compass. Superman has a tendency to hold back, bringing him down a notch and allowing Batman a fighting chance.

5. Superman may have the firepower, but Batman is a strategist. His forward thinking attitude and careful planning is something that Superman lacks. The two different strengths could help the two to meet in the middle on the battlefield.

6. They are both essentially fighting for the same thing. At the end of the day, both superheroes are battling to save the planet and everyone on it. No matter what differences they hold against each other personally, they will eventually brush them aside when the time comes to save innocent people.

If this was a survey around the 60’s and 70’s versions of the two characters, when Batman was little but a billionaire playboy with a few gadgets, people may not be so open to a draw. Now that the character of Bruce Wayne has evolved and Batman has many more tech and gadgets to make him more than a mortal man, we can all agree that no matter Superman’s superhuman abilities, Batman is definitely a strong and worthy opponent.

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