Acclaimed Documentary “Warriors” Is Out Now On DVD & iTunes

Warriors, which follows a group of young Maasai warriors who against the odds form a cricket team, has arrived in the UK on DVD and is also available through iTunes…


Produced by one of England’s greatest ever bowlers – swing king James AndersonWarriors sees director Barney Douglas chart the story of cricket’s impact on the lives of the Maasai warriors. The Warriors cricket team, which competes at the amateur Last Man Stands World Championship, uses its new-found unity on the field as an inspiration to those off it, attempting to educate and give young people a sense of belonging, support, and hope.

Anderson spoke of the “amazing journey” of the team and cricket’s influence upon traditions that still see women given few rights and girls as young as six suffering Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages. “For them to actually make such a huge difference in their community through the power of cricket and sport” is “amazing” said the England bowler.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he added: “I was intrigued to see how involved I could get and what the process was like but mainly when Barney told me the story I was hooked on it – I thought it was a great story and a great thing to try and get out there. There are really powerful messages so I wanted to try and help him promote that as much as possible. I found it quite exciting and completely different.”

Warriors is available on DVD and iTunes now #WakeTheLion

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