“Maitresse” Is Mark Kermode’s BFI Player “Film Of The Week”

Gerard Depardieu, in one of his earliest roles, stars in Barbet Schroeder’s Maîtresse about a petty crook who gets more than he bargained for when breaking into the home of dominatrix Ariane (Bulle Ogier). It’s available now on BFI Player+

Maitresse, BFI Player

Leading UK film critic Mark Kermode declares his “film of the week” on BFI PlayerBarbet Schroeder’s Maîtresse. Initially banned in the UK, and heavily censored afterwards, it wasn’t until 2003 that UK audiences got to see an uncut version. Describing the film as “surprisingly frank”, Kermode refers to it as “a controversial release… the fate of which tells us much about the changing face of film censorship and classification in the UK.”

In Maitress, Depardieu’s crook ends up assisting dominatrix Ariane with her with clients. Despite the world being an alien one, he falls in love with her. With a growing attraction developing between them, he struggles to reconcile his feelings with her sado-masochistic profession, and when he looks to help her ‘escape’ her life, she begins questioning if she really wants to leave at all.

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