Vacation Sorted: Holidaying At Yoda’s In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

It’s that time of year to start thinking about the summer holiday. But I fancy something a bit different – perhaps a relaxing retreat in a galaxy far, far away…

Airbnb, Yoda's House - Top 10 Films

I’m thinking I might do something a bit different for my vacation this year. Spain is great of course, but I’ve had enough of Sangria and sunburn, it’s time to open my horizons. Somewhere cold perhaps (skiing perhaps but I can’t roller skate), a South American city break (give Brazil a go) or should I stick to the UK (see the Scottish Highlands)? Nah! When I said “something a bit different” I meant it. The Force has awakened in me, I’m “off world”.

AirOMG is offering a stay in a customised big rig for just $49 per night to enjoy (or endure) the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Mad Max: Fury Road. If I can find the money I might try Batman’s underground cave which has just about every amenity I could think of and a million things I can’t but it’ll set me back more than $1000 per night. No, I’m going to be a little more sensible – a swampy retreat in a “galaxy far, far away” where Yoda used to call home. It’s only $200 per night and I’m guaranteed peace and quiet!

The brochure on AirOMG has me excited. Not only is the accommodation carbon neutral (thanks to its structure built entirely from local mud and water supply provided by the nearby swamp) but visitors are promised “spiritual growth” and the feeling of “new hope”. Worth noting though: “low ceilings not suitable for tall guests” – good job I’ve got short legs!

Airbnb, Yoda's House - Top 10 Films

AirOMG features plenty of fascinating places to stay including John McClane’s NYC pad and Derek Zoolander’s loft apartment.

I’m kidding of course! This fun vacation alternative is the brainchild of a community-based marketplace established in 2008 for people to list, discover, and book different types of accommodation around the world. Featuring unique places to stay including castles and even igloos, the marketplace provides a special travel experience for those wanting to add a bit of adventure to their holidays. Working both ways, the marketplace allows people to monetise their extra space with more than 34,000 cities now represented in 190 countries.

Sponsored by Etihad, AirOMG takes fictional movie locations and turns them into possible holiday destinations. As well as Yoda and Batman giving up their homes for your amusement, the community also features Sherlock’s Baker Street base, John McClane’s NYC pad (while he’s out of town fighting terrorists at Nakatomi Plaza) and Derek Zoolander’s loft apartment.

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