“Entourage” Is The Worst Film Of 2015

BBC Radio 5 film critic and Guardian writer Mark Kermode has revealed his worst films of 2015 and placed Doug Elin’s Entourage in the unenviable no.1 position, ahead of other monstrosities such as Taken 3 and, yes, The Human Centipede 3!

Entourage is the worst film of 2015

Entourage is such reprehensible trash it makes The Human Centipede III seem like some kind of “human masterpiece”, says BBC Radio 5 Live film critic Mark Kermode in his run down of the worst films of 2015.

A continuation of the HBO TV series the film, despite being largely disregarded by critics, was a commercial success making almost double its production costs at the box office. Despite this, Kermode ranks the film at the top of his worst films of the year ahead of Neil Jones’ effort Age of Kill, a favourite “worst film” among fans in 2015 Mortdecai, and even The Human Centipede III.

Kermode’s dissatisfaction with the film can be summed up in his description of the plot. He says the film is about “a bunch of hateful, chauvinist, misogynist, talentless, wealthy bozos” who “are held up as heroes and we’re meant to applaud like seals.” As a fitting way to hit a film when it’s already begging for mercy, he adds: “If you want to live in a world where the worst things about humanity are rewarded, then Entourage is the movie for you…”

Anyone with any self-respect will put “clear blue water between themselves and this abomination”.

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