“Pups United” Provides Fun For All The Family

Pups United provides fun for all the family as a bunch of furry friends head to the children’s World Cup to save the day. Alice Rose Batley takes a look at the film…

Pups United, film review - Top 10 FilmsPups United sees a group of playful pooches from all over the globe come together to save the day at the children’s football World Cup tournament. This fantastically engaging film is easy to follow and is bound to be a crowd-pleaser for children of all ages.

This film is a no brainer if you’re looking for a family-friendly movie and it is sure to provide everyone with 85 minutes of laughs and lighthearted fun. Two comical villains provide great entertainment and somewhat slap-slick comedy for kids, and they may even give the adults a little chuckle too.

Director Guy Distad has created a commendable feature that not only looks at the difficulties of working as a team in football, but also the bond and companionship that is made between humans and canines. As we know, the bond with man/woman’s best friend is always strong and this is shown perfectly throughout the film through the eyes of a young boy and his furry pal.

The bond between youngster Ryan and his pup Rex is shown throughout the film with Rex’s loyalty to helping Ryan being second to none. No expense has been spared on the cuteness of the pups involved in the film, with breeds such as the French Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier and Siberian Husky featured.

The cleverly chosen canine mascots represent various nations including English, Italian and Russian in a fantastically over-exaggerated way. The dog’s voices, one of which (Benny) is played by Rob Schneider, are voiced brilliantly and in a way that helps you to interact with each character. With each mascot being from a different country, it shows diversity and educates children who watch the film on different cultures.

Pups United, film review - Top 10 Films

The film also offers life lessons on friendship and teamwork and shows children the benefits of working together. As well as showing the children’s football teams working together, the film also showcases the power of family with Ryan’s grandad, played by James Kisicki and Ryan’s dad played by Trevor Black both playing roles that depict family values.

The plotline of the film is a generic struggle-battle-good guy-wins kind of scenario that is made easy to follow by a running commentary by the lead canine ‘Rex’. However, in a twisting turn of events an unexpected villain is introduced as the third bad guy, but let’s not spoil who that is.

A downside to this film however would only be picked up by the tech-savvy and true film critics amongst us. As the film contains talking animals, you would think that in 2015 they could make it look realistic. Unfortunately, with slightly statically moving mouths, the pups are made to look slightly strange.

Nevertheless, with a whole hoard of well trained (talking) dogs performing eye pleasing tricks for the public’s viewing pleasure, what more could you want from a family-friendly film. The feature is an all-round pleasure to watch and will definitely be a hit with kids, and also dog lovers!

Top 10 Films - Four Stars - Pups United

Written by Alice Rose Batley

Pups United, film review - Top 10 FilmsDirected by: Guy Distad
Written by: Willem Wennekers
Starring: Rob Schneider
Released: 2015 / Genre: Sports/Comedy
Country: USA / IMDB
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