How To Have The Perfect James Bond Inspired Wedding

With the release of the latest film in the James Bond franchise – Spectre is the 24th in the series – 2015 is a vintage year for 007 fans. If you’re a dedicated Bond aficionado, and have a wedding coming up in the not-too-distant future, why not combine both your passions?

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Here’s how to have the perfect James Bond inspired wedding – and you don’t have to go as big as this guy did…

The Suit

Casino Royale, Eva Green, Daniel Craig, Top 10 James Bond Films,It’s the obvious starting point of course, but to be truly Bond, you have to dress like the world’s most famous spy/assassin. That traditionally means a classic black tie ensemble for the groom and a formal tuxedo, though 007 has sported a range of different suits in recent movies – who could forget his navy blue tux in Skyfall?

The Bride

So – the groom’s outfit is pretty straightforward but what should the bride wear? To really get into the spirit of the whole thing, replicate the look of any one of the many Bond girls who have dazzled and charmed over the years: has rounded up the very best looks here.

Sean Connery in Goldfinger - Top 10 FilmsIf that’s a step too far – and no bride should ever have to wear a dress she doesn’t absolutely love 100% – this is where the theme can be relaxed. Simply dress to impress and make sure the ring is worthy of gracing a Bond film – like this fantastic example.

The Wedding car

Need you ask? Thought not. There’s only one make of vehicle to purr up to the church or reception in, and that’s an Aston Martin. The DB5 is the quintessential Bond car, first introduced in one of the most famous films in the series – 1964’s Goldfinger. It’s an iconic motor and no true James Bond-inspired wedding would be without one!

The Cake

At the centrepiece of the reception sits the wedding cake – a towering and tasty tribute to James Bond. There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest to provide inspiration, with designs ranging from the stylish 007 logo, to an absolutely spectacular Casino Royale-themed showstopper, complete with playing cards and roulette wheel.

The Reception

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Select your venue wisely – nothing says Bond more effectively than a stately home, or even a castle. Don’t be daunted; research thoroughly enough and you might be surprised at the prices on offer. For genuine 007 authenticity, head to the Scottish Highlands and find a venue in Glencoe, scene of the Bond family estate in Skyfall. Your guests can be seated at tables bearing the names of various famous characters, and pre-dinner drinks will be, of course, martinis. Shaken but not stirred, obviously.

The Music

Former Bond girl, Bérénice Marlohe has been cast to star in Dennis Bartok’s English-language horror P.O.V.The infamous Bond signature tune playing as you walk down the aisle? That’s perhaps a bit much. However, the movies are well known for having stirring and uplifting soundtracks and these have to be a key feature of a Bond-themed wedding. While your budget almost certainly won’t stretch to replicating something like this – the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performing James Bond: The Ultimate Soundtracks – it won’t be difficult to find a classical act who can provide the same classy touch at your wedding.

Above all else, have fun and be inventive – encourage all guests to get fully involved. Issue a dress code on James Bond-themed invitations, welcome suggestions and don’t forget to book a honeymoon that 007 would be proud of. How about a stay at the Fontainebleu in Miami Beach, which featured in Goldfinger? If it was good enough for Sean Connery…

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