Nobody Does It Better Than Daniel Craig When It Comes To James Bond Riches

Daniel Craig has won the most of any Bond over the course of the three films he’s starred in so far with the secret agent amassing £66,500,850 across all twenty three films.

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Spectre is upon us. The latest James Bond adventure is expected to be the most lucrative in the franchise’s history. To celebrate the release, Everyman Cinema has gone through 50 years of film to discover with incarnation of Bond was worth the most money.

Daniel Craig comes out on top with a cool £65,708,850 over the course Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. Adjusted for inflation, Sean Connery follows with a comparably meagre total of £360,000.*

From card games to horse races and rounds of golf, when all twenty three films are considered, Bond has amassed over £66,500,850 in winnings . This makes an average of nearly £11m per Bond. That said, this amount is slightly swayed by Craig’s massive win in Casino Royale. Take this away and the average comes down to £35,483.

Whilst 007 rarely leaves a table empty handed, the films’ other characters aren’t quite as lucky. Elektra King, for example, tops the list of biggest losers by blowing £635,000 on a simple game of cards in The World Is Not Enough.

However, it isn’t just cold hard cash that Bond stakes; few could forget Roger Moore and Kamal Khan’s iconic game of backgammon in Octopussy in which he uses a Faberge egg as collateral before going on to win 200,000 rupees (£36,000). Pierce Brosnan’s acquisition of a conflict diamond in Die Another Day was equally unusual along with Sean Connery’s wager of a gold bar (worth £5,000) in a golf game against the eponymous Goldfinger.

Hoss Ghonouie from Everyman Cinema, says: “To quote Ian Fleming himself ‘Bond has always been a gambler’, but even we were surprised with just how much Bond has amassed over the twenty three films. Craig may win big overall but our research shows Connery and Moore were most partial to the casino tables. In fact, a rare image of Connery’s game of Chemin de Fer against Emilio Largo in Thunderball also features in our very own The Name’s Bond exhibition. It has been such a joy delving into Getty’s vast image archives to compile the collection which charts the ascent of James Bond over the last fifty years into a central feature of British iconography.”

Everyman and Getty Images’ latest photography exhibition, The Name’s Bond features a collection of previously unexhibited film stills, promotional shots and a behind the scenes glimpse of life on the set of this iconic film series. The free exhibition is currently on display in Everyman Canary Wharf, offering fans the perfect pre-film experience before heading in to watching the eagerly anticipated twenty-fourth Bond film.

For those outside of London, Everyman is also offering a Spectre Premier Night experience with live music, a champagne reception and a choice of cocktails for guests who will be some of the first in the world to view the new film. Premier night experiences are currently available across the UK at Everyman Birmingham, Canary Wharf, Hampstead, Leeds, and Walton.

The Name’s Bond exhibition will remain open to visitors until the end of November.

For further information and tickets, please visit

*Figures were calculated using only information explicitly revealed on screen. All figures have been converted into pounds sterling adjusted for inflation.

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