New British Gangster Film North V South Finally Gets Release Date

After much uncertainty and a number of delays, Steven Nesbit’s North V South, a dark tale of lovers caught in a war between rival gangs, arrives in UK cinemas October 16.

Steven Nesbit, North V South starring Charlotte Hope - Top 10 Films

North V South, writer-director Steven Nesbit’s tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers navigating their way through all-out war between rival North and South criminal gangs, lands in UK cinemas October 16. We recently interviewed star Charlotte Hope about the film which she describes as an “urban thriller” with one that has “real heart”.

“There is a gorgeous love story within it which makes the film really unique. It has all of what you would expect from a gangster film; it’s got the blood and the gore and the shooting, but it also has a lot of real emotions as my character is in love with the character of Terry,” she told Top 10 Films in an exclusive interview.

The ensemble cast includes Steven Berkoff, Freema Agyeman, Keith Allen and Bernard Hill and marks writer-director Nesbit’s second feature length film after his disappointing 2010 debut.

See the trailer for North V South:

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