Dean Brocklehurst’s Portrait Of David Vaughan “Black On Canvas” To Make Bow At Raindance 2015

Black On Canvas is to premiere worldwide at Raindance Film Festival 2015. Achieving special selection, the documentary takes us into the heart of swinging London in the 1960s…

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Director Dean Brocklehurst puts together a vivid portrait of David Vaughan, the artist who became known for painting psychedelic shapes on cars and customising furniture, including Paul McCartney’s piano. In Black On Canvas, we see how Vaughan helped to define an era through his momentous work blending vibrant colours with sixties artistic style.

Black On Canvas showcases the artists’ work and details how his dedication to his art was unbending, but that came at a cost. He had bipolar disorder and the film catalogues the impact this had on his family.

Vaughan’s daughter, Sadie Frost, said: “People are intrigued” by David Vaughan and his work, and in making this documentary and exhibiting his work, it was time to put him on the map. Theexhibition, held at legendary Kinks frontman, Ray Davies’ studio, Konk, in Crouch End, London, highlights the huge influence Vaughan’s work had not only on artists in the sixties but also on those practicing today.

In Black On Canvas director Dean Brocklehurst carefully handles the blend of perspectives and we hear from family, friends, fellow artists, alongside getting to examine never-before-seen archive footage from the period. Brocklehurst fuses this together seamlessly, enabling him to shine a sympathetic light on a man of raw talent.

The film will be shown at 20:20 at Vue Piccadilly on Monday 28th September and at 14.10 on Thursday 1st October. It has a runtime of 55 minutes.

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