Kai Barry’s Spy Thriller “Newcomer” Will Get London’s Raindance Film Festival Underway

Kai Barry’s spy thriller Newcomer starring James Floyd, Anthony LaPaglia and Noemi Merlant has been selected to open London’s Raindance Film Festival on September 23…

Newcomer - Top 10 FilmsNewcomer follows Alex, the newest member of a special ops team working for the U.S. Government, whose first mission goes disastrously wrong leading his bosses to think he has betrayed them. He is forced to go on the run in an attempt to find out what really happened.

“I wanted to make a spy film that didn’t feel like another spy film. I wanted to know what it was like to be on the ground. What are the emotions? After interviewing a number of ex-spies I realised the story was about confusion and failure, not action and triumph,” says writer-director Kai Barry.

“Life was always in the balance. A single misread detail could be life or death. To do their jobs well they had to trust their own perceptions above all else. I wanted to put this concept into a spy film and for the audience to experience it directly. To achieve this we used every cinematic element at our disposal.”

Raindance Film Festival will open on Wednesday September 23 and run till October 4. Newcomer will open the festival on Wednesday September 23 at 7pm with a red carpet event and after party, which will be attended by cast and crew.

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