Filming Begins On Adaptation of Stephen Fry Novel “The Hippopotamus”

Filming is under way on an adaptation of Stephen Fry’s best-selling novel The Hippopotamus. The film tells the story of a disgraced poet who is summoned to his friend’s country manor to investigate a series of unexplained miracle healings.

First ever feature film adaptation of a Stephen Fry novel - Top 10 Films

Led by legendary comic Roger Allam, the ensemble cast of The Hippopotamus, adapted from the best-selling Stephen Fry novel, includes acclaimed actors Matthew Modine, Tim McInnerny, Geraldine Somerville, Emily Berrington and Fiona Shaw.

The Hippopotamus feature film, directed by The Fold director John Jencks, is the first ever adaptation of a Stephen Fry novel for the big screen and has the potential to reach a strong international audience, fuelling an ever-increasing demand, overseas and domestically, for uplifting British content.

Filming is taking place now in London and High Wycombe and will see Roger Allam play disgraced poet Ted Wallace who heads to his friend Lord Logan’s (Matthew Modine) country manor to investigate a series of unexplained miracles.

Producer Alexa Seligman said: “It is an honour to bring to the screen this beast of a comedy, penned by one of the icons of modern British culture.”

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