The Original 1966 Batmobile Is On Sale But You’ll Need $5 Million To Buy It

Fans of the legendary 1960s Batman TV series will be excited to see an appearance of the original Batmobile which has gone on sale in Arizona for $5 million.

Batmobile For Sale - Top 10 Films

Got $5 million spare? Anyone crazy enough to splash such astronomical amounts of movie and TV memorabilia might be interested to hear the original Batmobile, from the 1960s TV show, has gone on sale at the Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom in Arizona.

Batmobile For Sale - Top 10 Films

The car, built in just three weeks by car customiser George Barris based on a concept car developed by Ford, called the Lincoln Futura, was driven by caped crusader Adam West in the legendary show.

Batmobile For Sale - Top 10 Films

Equipped with rockets, oil slicks and other gadgets including an automatic tyre re-inflating system and a Batphone in the show, the car’s big brother – the Lincoln Futura – was fully designed by Ford but never put into production. Barris’ superhero version involved attaching additional bat inspired wings and a new front nose to the vehicle.

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