Interview: Charlotte Hope Talks About Working With Eddie Redmayne, Bedwarming In Game Of Thrones & Her First Lead Role

Top 10 Films recently had the pleasure of speaking to up and coming British actress Charlotte Hope about her blossoming career and first starring role in new British gangster flick North V South.

Charlotte Hope, North V South - Top 10 FilmsCharlotte Hope is more than an up and comer. Perhaps best known for her role in Game of Thrones as Myranda, she’s appeared in Oscar-winning films such as Les Miserables and alongside Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything. Bright, enthusiastic and down to earth, Hope clearly thrives on a challenge, something writer-director Steven Nesbit’s film North V South – a sort of Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather – offered.

“Working with Steven Nesbit was amazing,” she said. “He is so kind and really giving and supportive. It was a collaborative effort with him, I knew that he respected me as an actress rather than someone just telling me what to do.”

She describes the film as an “urban thriller” but one that has “real heart to it.” Interestingly, she adds: “There is a gorgeous love story within it which makes the film really unique. It has all of what you would expect from a gangster film; it’s got the blood and the gore and the shooting, but it also has a lot of real emotions as my character is in love with the character of Terry.”

“The story felt real and true to me as it was just a love story, set with the backdrop of a gang rivalry.” – Hope on new film North V South

When Hope was given the part of Willow Clarke in North Vs South she went to meet the team and describes a particularly exciting part of the process. Known as the “Chemistry Test”, it was a chance to get to know the cast with a table read. “As soon as I read with Elliott I knew there was an immediate spark. We became really good friends as well so it was a really good experience for me.”

Hope is well known for her portrayal of Myranda, one of Ramsey’s Bedwarmers (If you wish to call them that) in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Hope told us that Myranda was by far the nastiest character she had ever played but that she had loved every minute of it.

Charlotte Hope, North V South - Top 10 Films

“Even when simply rehearsing the script you could feel the IQ pinging around the room.” – Hope on working with Eddie Redmayne on The Theory of Everything

“Normally I would say that I play a lot more of the sweet girl types. However, I still loved my part on Game of Thrones as I got to act mischievous and evil pretty much all the time.”

Hope considers herself truly lucky to have played such varying characters throughout her career so far, from an innocent Willow Clarke to a very devious Myranda. Hope can perfectly deliver from both sides of the personality spectrum. “Both my role in North vs South and Game of Thrones have been amazing and such a special experience for me, each cast has been like an extended family to me. I had a gorgeous family on each set and it was so lovely to have that there,” she said.

Before her time on the HBO series, Hope was cast in the outstanding film The Theory of Everything. Acting alongside Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne was a dream come true for her. “My role in The Theory of Everything was amazing, it was a really intellectual film to be a part of. I found it a really productive environment to be in as my fellow actors and actresses cared about what I thought as well, which is sometimes a hard thing to find in this profession. Working with Eddie Redmayne was amazing too, he works so hard and is so kind and giving. It was amazing to watch how he works.”

“I’d always loved acting but I was under the impression that everyone loved it, like everyone loves cake, and I really do love cake,” she laughs.

It was interesting when speaking to the English actress about how her career began. Whilst studying at Oxford University she was approached to play a role in a French film after doing a street cast. She then had the opportunity to go to Paris and from there she got herself an agent and started acting professionally. From when the first opportunity fell in her lap until now, she hasn’t stopped acting.

The future is looking even brighter. Having only recently finished working on a play in Liverpool, Hope now hopes to keep working in TV and film. She noted: “TV and film work is where my heart lies. I would love to do a period piece and maybe something else a bit evil. I’m just going to see what comes up next for me.”

You can catch Charlotte Hope in her new film North V South which is released October 16.

Words by Alice Rose Batley

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