War On Corruption In Cricket: “Death Of A Gentleman” Makes National Debut

Two cricket journalists, Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber, set off on a journey to the heart of the game they love, only to stumble upon one of the biggest scandals the sporting world has ever seen.

Death of a Gentleman - Top 10 Films

Death of the Gentleman, which the BFI called “rousing, powerful, persuasive and gripping”, reveals potentially the “biggest scandal in sport”. Due to the greed, self-interest and corruption in its administration, cricket – the second-biggest sport in the world – is actively contracting towards one market.

FIFA, for all we have seen in the last months, at least presides over a sport that is growing. It is impossible for cricket to deal with the many problems afflicting the game, including the sidelining of Test cricket in favour of Twenty20, without proper standards of governance.

The film will arrive in UK independent cinemas TODAY (August 7).

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