Norton Meets The Online Hackers Head On In Doc “In Search Of The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet”

Norton by Symantec has produced a unique, illuminating new documentary which goes inside the world of cyber crime to reveal the perpetrators and what leads them into a culture of internet scamming…

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The word “connected” has come to denote our increasing reliance on the internet to communicate; if you’re not connected there’s a good chance you can’t work, shop, socialise, enjoy a movie or pay a bill. Crucially, no longer is our entry to the World Wide Web constrained to the desktop computer. Laptops have led to Notebooks which have led to tablets, all the while mobile phone technology advances apace. It means we’re connected constantly. However, the more our lives become reliant on things like Facebook to liaise with friends about the evening’s night out or our bank’s app to sort out our finances, we’re creating an increasingly ripe environment for cyber crime.

Indeed, the threat of internet crime and our online security is becoming a greater concern every year. Disconcertingly, while so many threats are identified, the perpetrators remain anonymous. Internet security software specialist Norton has tried to unveil the people behind internet hacking in a new short film called “In Search of the Most Dangerous Town on the Internet”. The award winning documentary, directed by Sean Dunne, provides an intimate view of hacker culture, revealing socioeconomic factors that have created this underground information economy in Romania.

The concept behind the film was to put names and faces to the crime. “Cybercrime is a lucrative business and unfortunately affects millions of people across the globe each year,” said Derek O’Carrol, Senior Vice President of the Norton Business Unit at Symantec. “We increasingly see cybercriminals using aggressive attack methods like ransomware, which rose 113 percent last year. Our goal is to spark discussion about the burgeoning business of cybercrime and underscore the importance of protecting one’s identity and personal information in today’s connected world.”

Importantly, Norton’s documentary attempts to illuminate the driving forces behind this modern criminal phenomenon as filmmaker Dunne immerses himself in the post-communist Romanian town of Râmnicu Vâlcea, also known as “Hackerville”. The location was picked because it was identified as having a rich culture of cyber crime. The film looks at how hackers get into the business – their methods and motivations – and the factors behind its growth.

While anyone can be a target, convicted scammers openly discuss compromising accounts owned by major international agencies such as NASA and the European Space Agency, as well as the Royal Air Force and accounts run by former U.S. President George Bush and Hillary Clinton.

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