Top 10 Movie Lines Of All Time

In the history of film, there have been a litany of memorable lines. With amazing screenwriters like Woody Allen, Robert Towne and James Cameron (just to name but a few) the movie line is something that when done right, stays with you.

There are movies lines that have been revered for almost 100 years and there are some classic movie lines that have been around for no more than perhaps half a decade. There is a movie website I frequent that consists of other movie nerds like me. It also has some members who work in Hollywood and we used a panel of 11 people of all different ages, ethnicities, professions and backgrounds to come up with the 10 best movie lines of all time. We started with a list of 500, got it down to 100 and now for the purpose of this site, here are the ten best movie lines of all time.

10. Here’s JOHNNY!

The Shining (1980): Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson, based on a novel by Stephen King
TheShiningStanley Kubrick had been looking for months for his next project. His wife could hear him in his study, day in and day out, scouring through books. He’d read for 15 minutes and then toss them aside, disgusted. He couldn’t find what he was looking for. Then one day, as recounted by his wife, she didn’t hear anything out of the room for hours. It turns out that when Kubrick started reading The Shining, he was intrigued with it right from the beginning. Years later, Stephen King would say that this shocked him as “nothing happens for the first 50 pages or so.”

Kubrick would go on to write the screenplay for The Shining and what resulted was one of the most loved, revered and lionized horror films in film history. For the role of Jack Torrance, Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford and Robin Williams all read for the part. Kubrick dismissed all of them because he didn’t think they were psychotic enough for the part. The line “Here’s Johnny” was ad-libbed by Nicholson as an obvious reference to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Kubrick, who lived in England, didn’t know the significance of the reference and almost didn’t keep it in the film. In later years, Johnny Carson actually used Nicholson’s scene as an intro to his show.

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9. No. I am your father

The Empire Strikes Back (1980): Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan and story by George Lucas
Star Wars, Great Movie Lines & QuotesOf the top ten lines of all time, as voted by the panel, 7 of them were unanimously voted on. This is the first one in the top ten to have everyone’s vote. This film was originally panned by critics when it first came out. It has gone on to be considered one of the best films ever made and by far the best Star Wars film. Sometimes you just have to let films simmer and over time, they get the praise they deserve. The line that Vader says to Luke, after he cuts his hand off, might be the biggest shock in motion picture history. There was literally a veritable wave of shock that engulfed crowds when they first sat down to watch the film. Back in 1980, there was obviously no social media to spread plot points. So this secret was maintained for much of the film’s run. There’s a scene in Chinatown and perhaps one in The Sixth Sense that might be able to be spoken about in the same realm as this one, but nothing could surpass it. Darth Vader is the personification of evil. Luke is as good as apple pie and puppy dogs. To have Vader be his father was something so unfathomable that it was not conceivable to many film goers. Return of the Jedi, 3 years later, confirmed this to be true but for that one moment in film, it sent shock waves through and through.

8. We’re not in Kansas anymore

The Wizard of Oz (1939) Screenplay by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and about a dozen others
The Wizard of Oz, Film,This might be the most repeated line in cinematic history. I have nothing to back this up, but this line has grown to mean much more than just Dorothy telling Toto that they are no longer in Kansas. It’s a line used by people to express shock or to express confusion. It’s the classic way to express that you are the fish out of water. For example, going from high school to college, one might say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore”. Films like The Matrix have used it and there was even a pilot for the new 90210 television series that used the line as their title. It’s a line that has permeated into pop culture, science, politics, geography and everything in between. AFI named it the 4th best movie line of all time. In fact, lines from The Wizard of Oz can be heard in films like Field of Dreams, Titanic, Twister, Spaceballs, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Avatar and many others.

7. I’ll be back

The Terminator (1984) Screenplay by James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd
Terminator, Film, Arnold Schwarzenegger,Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984 was still relatively unknown to the general population. While he was a world champion bodybuilder and two years earlier had made his first big splash as the lead in Conan the Barbarian, most people didn’t know he existed. That changed when James Cameron cast him as a relentless, monotone, implacable cyborg hunter-killer in his sci-fi thriller The Terminator.

While the role is more of a moving statue than actual character, audiences everywhere experienced the pure presence Arnold brought to the screen. It was a scenario where his limited inflection and acting range at the time was a bonus, because it only reinforced the terror of the Terminator. There was no showboating, no elaboration, this was a guy who had a job and who would accomplish it matter-of-factly, with no concern for collateral damage. This line is a perfect example of the terror and brilliance of the Terminator.

Having tracked Sarah Connor down to a police station, the killer machine attempts to gain access via duplicity, only to be rejected for bureaucratic reasons. The Terminator tells the desk officer simply that he’ll be back. Less than a minute later he indeed is back, crashing a car into the station as the kickoff to an unstoppable rampage that leaves tens cops dead or wounded. AFI ranked this line as #37 of all time.

6. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn

Gone With the Wind (1939) Sidney Howard screenplay.
Gone With The Wind, Film,Some movies are truly larger than life and explode off the screen in every which way and endure in our social consciousness. 1939 was quite likely the first year to have such an experience, in this case having two films of that character: The Wizard of Oz, and this movie. Set in the heartland of Georgia from the antebellum years through a patch of Reconstruction, Gone with the Wind is a story of the destruction of a way of life and the efforts of a selfish, entitled young aristocratic woman to hold onto everything she desires through all the tribulation. As much as it is a chronicle of the death and rebirth of the Deep South it is also a story of a battle of romantic wits between protagonist Scarlett O’Hara and the dashing smuggler turned war hero Rhett Butler as they chase and pursue one another through the years. They are two characters who are so similar yet also so different, since in the end Rhett, for all his cynicism and bluster, is a romantic and faithful man, whereas Scarlett remains purely self-centered. Their battles and struggles come to a head as Rhett finally realizes that Scarlett will never love her as much as himself and he walks out on her. With the rest of her life in shambles even as she has succeeded in wealth and station, Scarlett asks Rhett what she will do without him as well, provoking this response, a powerful sentiment that has echoed with embittered spouses and significant others through the decades. The AFI ranked this as the greatest movie line of all time, because of how it has endured to the present day.

5. I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

The Godfather (1972) Screenplay by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola
The Godfather, Top 10 Films,The Godfather has a litany of famous lines, this one is its most revered. Adapted from Mario Puzo’s blockbuster pulp novel about an Italian-American crime family’s rise to power and its fight to stay on top, The Godfather remains one of the most beloved films in American history due to its vibrant, deep characters and the brilliant performances that shaped them. At the top of that character list is, of course, the title character himself, a man of many layers who can be a caring family man, an honorable, neighborhood protector, and an utterly ruthless businessman and criminal. As we see through the early part of the movie, The Godfather’s approach is to first create a potential obstacle like a businessman, reaching out with friendship and mutually beneficial arrangements. If that fails however, he easily turns to the other side of the coin, a terrifying intimidation that shows the target the possible consequences of noncompliance. This line stems from a conversation the Godfather has concerning a Hollywood mogul who is out to ruin the professional career of his godson. The Godfather decides to settle the matter by offering the mogul something he couldn’t possibly deny. It is only later, after the initial overture is rejected, that we learn the real meaning of the phrase, as the mogul wakes up to find his most prized possession, a legendary racehorse, decapitated in his bed. The “offer” he can’t refuse is not one that will bring him success, but one that will spare him destruction. The AFI ranked this as the #2 movie line of all time.

4. You’re going to need a bigger boat

Jaws (1975) Screenplay by Carl Gottlieb and Peter Benchley
Jaws, Steven Spielberg, Daniel Stephens, You're gonna need a bigger boat, Top 10 FilmsFirst of all: Peter Benchley’s original novel, first published in 1974, is not very good, some would say. What it has going for it, however, is one hell of a hook: a man-eating great white shark attacking beach-goers at a small resort town. When Steven Spielberg was brought in to direct the film adaptation, he instantly recognized both of those things, and as a result, his film is a masterpiece of storytelling, one in which nothing is superfluous and not a single second is wasted. Getting there, however, was incredibly difficult, even before we take the infamous mechanical shark into account.

Benchley himself wrote three drafts of the screenplay, changing things that Spielberg suggested (notably, an affair between Ellen Brody and Matt Hooper was thankfully gone at this early stage); after that, at various points, Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Howard Sackler, comedy writer and actor Carl Gottlieb (who largely rewrote the film while it was already shooting and also has a small part in the film), John Milius, Sugarland Express writers Matthew Robbins and Hal Barwood, Spielberg himself and actor Robert Shaw all worked on the final screenplay. (Benchley and Gottlieb are given the official credit in the film).

Yet none of these men was responsible for the one line of the film that ultimately became, by far, the most iconic and celebrated. Perhaps we could actually give the mechanical shark some of the credit for this one: since it didn’t work for so long, Spielberg could mostly only suggest its presence for the first 60% or so of the film, and when the beast finally appears in all of its glory, it sends chills down your spine even if you’ve already seen it a dozen times. When the film came out, the audiences reacted with screaming, and before that, all the way back when the scene was being shot, Roy Scheider came up with one of the most inspired ad-libs in film history. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” became as ingrained in collective consciousness as very few lines before or after it, ending up as a go-to response to virtually any problem that turned out to be bigger and more ominous than originally assumed. The AFI named it the 35th greatest line of all time.

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3. You can’t handle the truth

A Few Good Men (1992) Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin
Jack Nicholson, Great Movie Lines, Top 10 FilmsAaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay and it was based on his own stage play. “You Can’t handle the truth” was voted #29 by the AFI. Rob Reiner has said that Jack Nicholson would do this speech tirelessly and perfectly every time he asked him to do it. There were times Reiner required him to do it off camera so that he could just film the reactions from the other cast members.

According to Reiner, Nicholson did it with just as much energy every time. Reiner asked Jack why he put so much passion even into takes that were no being recorded and Jack responded (read this in Jack’s voice) “I love to act Rob. I love to act.”

An interesting but disturbing piece of information about the film is that the idea is based off an unsolved murder. Lance Corporal David Cox and 9 other marines tied up another marine and took turns beating him for 30 minutes because he “snitched” to the NCIS. He was later honorably discharged and acquitted of any wrong doing. However, he disappeared a short time after and then his bullet riddled body showed up three months later. His murder remains unsolved.

“You can’t handle the truth” has become one of the most well known and repeated lines of films made in the last 20 years. And as long and illustrious a career as Jack Nicholson has had, it was this line that might be his best remembered piece of dialogue that he has ever spoken. The screenplay was nominated for a Golden Globe.

2. You talkin’ to me?

Taxi Driver (1976) Screenplay by Paul Schrader
Taxi Driver, Film, De Niro, ScorseseAs far as cinematic character studies go, Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is nearly unbeatable, and as far as film characters go, Travis Bickle remains one of the greatest and most fascinating to ever appear on the screen.

As written by Paul Schrader and performed by Robert De Niro (both of whom received Oscar nominations and deserved actual Oscars for their work), Bickle is a tragic and scary product of his environment – a Vietnam veteran who, after the war, is left for a lost, lonely, sleepless life in the depressed, despair-filled and crime-ridden New York. As both anger and confusion build up in him, his desire to “do something” leads him to purchase several guns, after which he tries to imagine a confrontation that would give him a chance to fire. Travis’ iconic monologue in front of the mirror has been emulated and considered “badass” – i.e., completely misunderstood – by a fair share of viewers (one of whom, as is well-known, went as far as to attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan in order to impress Jodie Foster), but it’s much easier to convincingly argue that it’s at once the most tragic and disturbing scene in the film. Coming from Bickle, “You talkin’ to me?” is undeniably confrontational and indicative of his desire for violence, yet, on a deeper level, it’s also a desperate desire for some – any – kind of genuine human connection.

Paul Schrader does not take credit for the line, saying that his script only read, “Travis speaks to himself in the mirror”, and that De Niro improvised the dialogue. However, Schrader went on to say that De Niro’s performance was inspired by a routine by “an underground New York comedian” whom he had once seen, possibly including his signature line. In his 2009 memoir, saxophonist Clarence Clemons said De Niro explained the line’s origins when Clemons coached De Niro to play the saxophone for the movie New York, New York. Clemons says De Niro had seen Bruce Springsteen say it onstage at a concert as fans were screaming his name, and decided to make the line his own.

Taxi Driver won the Palme d’Or at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival and remains one of the most celebrated films ever made, American or otherwise. In 2012, Sight & Sound magazine named it the 31st best film ever created on its critics’ poll, and the 5th greatest film ever on its directors’ poll. “You talkin’ to me?” was voted the 10th greatest line of all time by the AFI.

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1. May the force be with you

Star Wars (1977) Screenplay by George Lucas
star-wars-han-solo-space-travelers_top10filmsThe expression has achieved cult status and is symbolic of the Star Wars legacy. In today’s world, “May the force be with you” is just part of our vernacular. But in 1977, George Lucas wrote something that sounded foreign to many of his actors. Sir Alec Guiness thought much of the script for A New Hope was hard to say because it was so hokey. Harrison Ford is on record as saying that Lucas wrote a brilliant script but no one but George knew it at the time.

The famous line is first said by General Dodonna after explaining the plan to attack and destroy the Death Star and then again by Han as he says it to Luke before he leaves for the battle. The AFI selected it as the number 8 line of all time. There is even an expression that says, “May the 4th be with you.”

The force is originally described by Obi Wan as an energy field that is created by all living things, that surrounds and penetrates all living beings and binds the galaxy together. The force can be used for good but there is also a dark side to it and this is fueled by anger, jealousy, fear, lust and hate. The Jedi are supposed to use the force for peaceful purposes but the Sith obviously doesn’t see it that way.

Lucas attributed the origins of the “force” to a 1963 abstract film by Arthur Lipsett which sampled it from many sources. The history of Star Wars is famous as it was delayed for months. Originally it was set for release in December of 1976 but the special effects were not ready. In fact ILM was basically inventing special effects and Lucas and 20th Century Fox had no choice but to delay the film until May of 1977.

In February of 1977 Lucas screened an early cut of the film for Fox executives and several of his director friends. Some of the eventual changes that had not been made yet included David Prowse’s voice for Vader, most of the special effects were not finished, hand drawn arrows took the place of laser beams and when the space battles were to take place, Lucas cut to old footage of dog fights in WWII.

The reaction from directors like Brian DePalma, John Milius and Coppola was disappointment. Spielberg seemed to be the only one who enjoyed it and could see what Lucas was going for. But shockingly, the Fox executives loved it. Alan Ladd, Lucas’ greatest supporter from the beginning of the film, loved it and Gareth Wigan told Lucas that it was the greatest film he had ever seen and he openly wept as the film ended. This gave Lucas a vote of confidence.

When the film was finally released on May 25th, well, we all know the rest. Vader, Princess Leia, jedis, TIE fighters, lightsabers, wookies and wishing us that the force be with us, all became part of our vernacular and almost 50 years later, it still is. Star Wars isn’t just a film, it’s part of our culture. “May the force be with you” makes our poll at number 1.

There are literally 100’s of movie lines that could have made this list. We chose 500 and these are the top ten. What are some other iconic lines that could have or should have made this list?

Discover more great movie lines as Dan discusses the top 100 here.

Written and Compiled by Dan Grant.

About the Author
Dan Grant is an author and horror film fan from Canada. His first novel Terrified and Defenseless is now available for e-download from Amazon. Follow Dan on Twitter @baumer72.

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  1. Avatar
    Film Buff Baker Reply

    “Here’s looking at you Kid!”

  2. Avatar
    Film Buff Baker Reply

    “It was beauty that killed the Beast!”

  3. Avatar
    Fulmer Reply

    “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

  4. Avatar
    Cinema Collection ‏ Reply

    For me: “It’s beyond my control.” Not as universally loved or even known but I love that line. #namethatmovie

  5. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yep. Like I said there are probably 500 lines that you could consider to make a list of the top 10. We went through this for about 3 months before we decided on a top 10. So yes continue listing all the lines you think that should make it and they were probably considered in our list.

  6. Avatar
    Michael Scoates Reply

    I approve, if it was Family Fortunes and I had to give 10 answers this list would probably be spot on, these are all very iconic lines. Arnie’s “Consider that a divorce” from Total Recall is my personal all-time favourite stress-breaker line though. Or maybe “Get your ass to Mars”. Perhaps “See you at the party, Richter.”

  7. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    “Aaartaaaaxxxxxxx!!!” Goddamit, I still choke up at that.

    Good list guys, I don’t think anyone could argue with what was included, only what was left out. 😉 Brave.

  8. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    @filmbuff: Casablanca is very well represented in the top 100. If you click on the link at the bottom of the page, you can see the top 100 lines we had.

    @Fulmer: King Kong was high on the list.

    @Michael Scoates: I don’t think those lines made our list, but I love some good Arnold classsics

    @Rodneey: What is that from?

  9. Avatar
    Paul Hickling Reply

    One of my favourites, “i ain’t got time to bleed”, Predator.

  10. Avatar
    Sam Hughes Reply

    “my names geoff”

    • Avatar
      Dan Reply

      Had to look this one up… 22 Jump Street… Not quite in the same league as the timeless quotes featured above! 🙂

  11. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Can you guys add the movie to the line? I have no idea what “My name’s Geoff is from.

    Yep, the Predator line made our list of 500 for sure. Predator is ripe with brilliant macho lines.

  12. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    “You can’t handle the truth” – love that line. It’s the way Reiner works up to that line and Nicholson’s delivery of it. Ferocious!

    Great list, Dan!

  13. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yea….my names Geoff might not make our top 5000 movie lines lol.

    But to each his own.

  14. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    You can’t handle the truth is the newest film on the list. And it’s still 22 years old. I think there are a lot of great lines from new films and one of them made our list at 100.

  15. Avatar
    Duncan Osborne Reply

    Independence Day
    Julius Levinson
    You knew then! And you did nothing!

    President Thomas Whitmore: Mr. Levinson, contrary to what you may have read in the tabloids, there is no Area 51. There is no spaceship…
    Albert Nimzicki: Uh… excuse me, Mr. President? That’s not entirely accurate.
    David Levinson: What, which part?

    Last Samuri: Katsumoto: The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.

    Emperor Meiji: Tell me how he died.
    Algren: I will tell you how he lived

  16. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yes The Last Samurai has some good quotes as well. I don’t think we had any of those listed on our list but it’s a terrific movie with a terrific script.

  17. Avatar
    Mark Donnelly Reply

    “F*** you! That’s my name!” from Glengarry Glen Ross, though pretty much any of Alec Baldwin’s “motivational speech” is worthy of a mention.

  18. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Here are some random placings for the top 100:

    80) Get away from her you bitch: Aliens (1986)
    59) Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she has to walk into mine. Casablanca (1942)
    48) My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die: The Princess Bride (1987
    42) We all go a little mad sometimes: Psycho (1960)
    25) Roads? Where wee’re going, we don’t need roads.: Back to the Future (1985)
    18) Greed, for a lack of a better word, is good: Wall Street (1987)

  19. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yea coffee is for closers made my list. I thank others hadn’t seen the movie as much as some of the older members had so it didn’t get as much traction. But yes the Alec Baldwin stuff in that movie is stuff of legend

  20. Avatar
    Evan Crean Reply

    Such iconic lines in this list. Many of them are my favorites as well. I think a testament to their power is how many of these have been parodied countless times in other films and in television. They’ve become absorbed in other areas of our culture. As a Star Wars fan, I’m happy to see two lines from the series make the list. Obviously I have many favorites that didn’t make the cut, but I won’t burden people with them.

  21. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Thanks for all the comments guys, but I hope you check out the thread that is linked in the article….you can see the top 100 there.

  22. Avatar
    ArchE Reply

    A joy. A sheer joy, Dan. I couldn’t argue with a single one of the top 10 and can only assume (an assumption supported by a quick look at your top 500 debate) it was mighty challenging to single out 10 for the highest accolades.

    As for personal favourites I can’t help drifting back to the Dude and friends from The Big Lebowski – “That rug really tied the room together” and the whole “shut the f*** up Donny!”

    Then again, what Coen Bros. film doesn’t have a host of memorable, iconic, unforgettable lines – usually made more exceptional thanks to some startlingly good performances. I’m thinking of Frances McDormand in Fargo: “So that was Mrs. Lundegaard on the floor in there and I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper?!”

    Oh dear, all I can think of is Coen Bros. movies now. Must re-set the brain and come back with different options.

    *Mooches slowly off. Puts the TV on. Presses play on No Country For Old Men… “What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?”

  23. Avatar
    Derek Reply

    I love most of Jeff Goldblum’s lines from Jurassic Park but perhaps this stands out: “…if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists!”

  24. Avatar
    Sal Reply

    Love Casablanca. Not sure you could have picked a better line for the top 10. But it would be my number one.

  25. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    ArchE: You checked out the thread….awesome! Yes, Coens are terrific writers and STFU Donny and a few others were there. Fargo is one of my faves as well. “Oh he’s just funny looking.”

    Derek: Yes, Goldblum’s lines in JP are awesome. I tool love the POTC line.

    Sal: Casablanca was the most quoted film on our list. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I think there were about 5 lines from Casablanca in the top 100.

  26. Avatar
    Roger That Reply

    You built a time machine… Out of a Delorean?! – one of my faves.

    Great top 10, Dan.

    • Avatar
      Callum Reply

      Back To The Future has one of the best scripts ever written. It’s structure is so perfect. AND, it has great lines too! 🙂

      “Doc, we better back up. We don’t have enough road to get up to 88.”

      “Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?”

      “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.”

  27. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Roger: Thanks. And yes, BTTF is ripe with terrific lines. Roads…where we’re going we don’t need roads…I think is in our top 100 or it just missed.

    The interesting thing about the list is that it was decided upon by 11 people of all different age groups. I know that if there were a different 11 people to do it, the lines and order would change. But I also believe that many of the iconic lines listed here in the top 10 would be on most people’s lists of 100 best lines.

    • Avatar
      Callum Reply

      That’s so true. Everyone has their favourites and personal preferences – with films in general – but many of this top 10 would be on most people’s faves list.

  28. Avatar
    Alfred Reply

    Awesome list, good job. Loved the insight piece to each line, impeccable collection really, we all have a favourable list, but considering novelty, fame and importance to pop culture this list is as good as it gets.

  29. Avatar
    Callum Reply

    Can’t complain with any of these – many of my most quoted lines in general conversation!

    Some others I love:

    “If you build it, he will come.” – Field of Dreams

    “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!” – All about Eve

    “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna to take this anymore!” – Network

    “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” – Dr Strangelove

    “In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” – The Truman Show (1998)

  30. Avatar
    Junipar Reply

    Did “To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!” make the top 500? It’s my most loved film quote.

    It’s from A Fish Called Wanda by the way! 🙂

  31. Avatar
    lucas Reply

    I could quote Team America all day and all night. Not sure if I can mention them on here though! Pity none made the top 10.

  32. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    @Callum: Yes, there really are a litany of lines that could make the top 100

    @Alfred: Thanks for reading and the kind words.

    @Juniper: That one didn’t make it but there were two others from FCW: One I can’t type out because it will get censored but it’s the one where Kline calls someone a part of the body and Don’t call me Stupid. If you go to the link Dan provided up top and go to page 14, you’ll see the whole list.

    • Avatar
      Junipar Reply

      Brill. Thanks – I’ll check out the full 500 now.

  33. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Lucas: Team America got some votes from out members for sure but I don’t think it made out top 500.

    • Avatar
      lucas Reply

      think my love of it is more personal / time of seeing than anything really worthy like the above ten.

  34. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yes I understand personal preferences lol. If I had it my way there would have been a lot of commando and Beverly Hills Cop lines on the list as well

  35. Avatar
    Patricia Schott Reply

    Disagree with the order of some, agree with most, would leave out a couple in favor of some of the BEST from classics

    • Avatar
      lucas Reply

      this is the cleanest, nicest police car I’ve ever been in in my life, this thing’s nicer than my apartment!

      • Avatar
        Rory Fish Reply

        “Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What’s the f****** charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?”

  36. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Yes Beverly Hills Cop in Beverly Hills Cop to have some of the funniest lines ever written. And Eddie Murphy delivers them flawlessly. More excellent lines that could have been included in the top 100 for sure.

  37. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Eddie Murphy was such a great comedy actor.

    So how long does it take to shave those legs anyway?
    I have your plutonium nitrate multi explosive sound seeking projectiles
    youre not gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe trick

    Even his reaction to other actors….the lemon twist scene is brilliant

  38. Avatar
    CineGirl Reply

    Great lines Dan but I’m astonished not a single Woody Allen quote appeared in the top 10. The man has written so many memorable lines in the movies, many of which continue to be quoted endlessly by film buffs and casual viewers alike.

    Here’s one I love: “It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says, hey doc, my brother’s crazy! He thinks he’s a chicken. Then the doc says, why don’t you turn him in? Then the guy says, I would but I need the eggs.”

    Another: “Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go, it’s pretty damn good.”

  39. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Hey Cinegirl:

    Thanks for the feedback but those aren’t necessarily lines theyre more like entire scenes. And as ive mentioned there are so so many terrific lines in film history its hard for everyone’s favourite to be there.

  40. Avatar
    Alfred Reply

    Talking about personal preferences TDK have a top 10 on its own. So many good lines, guess “Why so serious?” is the most famous but dunno if it counts given that it was a main tagline.

  41. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Trust me our panel was a very very big fan of the dark night. There were a lot of those lines that made the top 100. And even more that made the top 500. In my opinion is one of the best scripts of the last 10 years.

  42. Avatar
    GentleMan Jack Reply

    Great lines above. One of my favourites takes place in The Goonies when Mother Fratelli says to Corey Feldman’s characters: “You’re so quiet all of a sudden you’re the one they call “Mouth” aren’t you?” 🙂

  43. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    Later on this evening i will add the top 50 lines we voted on. A lot of the ones that have been mentioned in the comments will probably appear in the top 50

  44. Avatar
    Lights Camera Reaction Reply

    Great choices!!
    Very happy you included Wizard of Oz, Jaws and Star Wars.

    I would have included Airplane! “I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.”

  45. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    As promised, although a little late, here is the rest of the top 50:

    11) Yippee Ki-yay…. Die Hard (1988)
    12) Bond, James Bond: Dr. No (1962)
    13) Yo Adrian, I did it!: Rocky (1976)
    14) Go ahead, make my day: Sudden Impact (1983)
    15) Say hello to my little friend: Scarface (1983)
    16) I love the smell of napalm in the morning: Apocalypse Now (1979)
    17) Alright Mr. Demille, I’m ready for my close-up: Sunset Boulevard (1950)
    18) Greed, for a lack of a better word, is good: Wall Street (1987)
    19) Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown: Chinatown ( 1974)
    20) There’s no place like home: The Wizard of Oz (1939)
    21) The stuff dreams are made of: The Maltese Falcon (1941)
    22) Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get: Forrest Gump (1994)
    23) Why so serious? The Dark Knight: (2008)
    24) Gentleman, you can’t fight here, it’s the war room: Dr. Strangelove (1968)
    25) Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads: Back to the Future (1985)
    26) They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom: Braveheart (1995)
    27) Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship : Casablanca (1942)
    28) I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore: Network (1976)
    29) I am serious, and don’t call me Shirly: Airplane (1980)
    30) When my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 MPH, you’re going to see some serious… Back to the Future (1985)

    I’ll do the rest later.

  46. Avatar
    Neal Damiano Reply

    Dan Grant, I can’t argue with any of the choices here. Great list!!

    Two I would add “Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe” – Breakfast Club

    “Death by Stereo”- Lost Boys

  47. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Neal: Yep, those are good choices as well. In fact, there really are 100’s of choices that could be included in this list. It might be interesting to do the list in a year or so but with a different panel and see what they come up with, collectively.

  48. Avatar
    Dan Grant Reply

    Well, about a year late, sorry, but here is the final list and how it all got sorted out:

    Here is the entire list, and the points received per film and how many of us voted for it to be on the list (out of 11). The points for some films were incredibly close, as you will see.

    Pos Line Film Votes Points
    1 May the force be with you Star Wars 11 920
    2 You talking to me? Taxi Driver 11 899
    3 You can’t handle the truth! A few Good Men 11 892
    4 You’re gonna need a bigger boat Jaws 11 887
    5 I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse The Godfather 11 884
    6 Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn Gone with the Wind 10 798
    7 I’ll be back Terminator 11 788
    8 We’re not in Kansas anymore Wizard of Oz 10 737
    9 No. I am your Father Empire Strikes Back 11 705
    10 Here’s Johnny The Shining 10 678

    11 Yippie kai yay Motherf***** Die Hard 10 652
    12 Bond, James Bond James Bond 9 635
    13 Yo Adrian! I did it Rocky 10 630
    14 Go Ahead, Make my day Sudden Impact 11 619
    15 Say Hello to my little friend Scarface 11 615
    16 I love the smell of Napalm in the Morning Apocalypse Now 9 592
    17 All right Mr De Mille, I’m ready for my close up Sunset Boulevard 9 562
    18 Greed, for lack of a better word, is good Wall Street 10 560
    19 Forget it Jake it’s Chinatown Chinatown 8 547
    20 There’s no place like home Wizard of Oz 10 546
    21 The stuff that dreams are made of The Maltese Falcon 7 542
    22 Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get Forrest Gump 9 540
    23 Why So serious The Dark Knight 11 534
    24 Gentlemen, you can’t fight here, it’s the war room Dr Strangelove 8 532
    25 Roads… where we’re going, we don’t need roads Back to the Future 10 530

    26 They may take our lives, but they’ll never take away our Freedom! Braveheart 10 526
    27 Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship Casablanca 8 524
    28 I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore Network 7 513
    29 I am serious and don’t call me Shirley Airplane 9 513
    30 If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88mph, you’re gonna… Back to the Future 10 513
    31 Get your stinkin paws off me you damn dirty ape Planet of the Apes 10 512
    32 Get busy livin or get busy dying Shawshank Redemption 8 508
    33 I drink your milkshake There will be blood 7 507
    34 Here’s looking at you kid Casablanca 8 505
    35 What we have here is a failure to communicate Cool hand Luke 7 498
    36 Keep your friends close and your enemies closer The Godfather 8 494
    37 I’m King of the world Titanic 9 492
    38 The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he… The Usual Suspects 10 490
    39 I’ll have what she’s having When Harry met Sally 10 480
    40 E.T phone home E.T 8 478
    41 I know it was you Frodo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart The Godfather 9 477
    42 We all go a little mad sometimes Psycho 8 472
    43 The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about Fight Club Fight Club 9 472
    44 I coulda been a contender On the Waterfront 8 470
    45 Well , Nobody’s perfect Some like it Hot 7 468
    46 Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes Indiana Jones 10 457
    47 I find your lack of faith disturbing Star Wars 9 452
    48 My name is Inigo Montoya, You killed my father. Prepare to die Princess Bride 7 447
    49 I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way Who Framed Roger Rabbit 6 440
    50 Badges, we don’t need no stinkin badges Treasure of the Sierra Madre 9 439

    51 I ate his liver with some fava beans and a bottle of Chianti Silence of the Lambs 8 438
    52 Houston we have a problem Apollo 13 10 437
    53 I am big, it’s the pictures that got small Sunset Boulevard 10 418
    54 No. Try not. Do.. Or do not. There is no try. Empire Strikes Back 9 415
    55 Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in… Ferris Bueller 7 409
    56 Fasten your seatbelts it gonna be a bumpy ride All about Eve 6 406
    57 They call me Mr Tibbs! In the heat of the night 10 403
    58 I see dead people The Sixth Sense 10 401
    59 Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine Casablanca 7 398
    60 To infinity and beyond! Toy Story 9 398
    61 It was beauty that killed the beast King Kong 9 394
    62 We’ll always have Paris Casablanca 6 392
    63 I am Sparticus Sparticus 8 388
    64 Show me the money Jerry Maguire 8 377
    65 I’m too old for this shit Lethal Weapon 9 364
    66 That’s what I love about these Highschool girls, I keep getting older but… Dazed and confused 6 363
    67 It’s just a flesh wound Monty Python and the Holy Grail 7 352
    68 But I’m funny how, I mean funny like a clown, I amuse you? Goodfellas 8 335
    69 Whoever saves one live, saves the entire world Schindlers List 8 333
    70 He chose… poorly Indiana Jones 6 328
    71 Carpe Diem. Sieze the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary Dead poets society 6 326
    72 My Friends. You bow to no one LOTR Return of the King 7 325
    73 Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in The Godfather 8 321
    74 If you build it they will come. Field of Dreams 9 320
    75 There’s no crying. There’s no crying in baseball A league of their own 6 315

    76 My Precious LOTR The Two Towers 7 315
    77 Some men just want to watch the world burn The Dark Knight 6 309
    78 Welcome to the real world The Matrix 10 305
    79 I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers A Streetcar named desire 7 305
    80 Get away from her you bitch Aliens 7 301
    81 Round up the usual suspects Casablanca 5 299
    82 I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of bubblegum They Live 9 299
    83 Is it safe Marathon Man 6 297
    84 You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become … The Dark Knight 8 295
    85 The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few Star Trek 8 294
    86 I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane Snakes on a Plane 8 289
    87 A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool a billion dollars The Social Network 9 288
    88 Kneel before Zod Superman 8 281
    89 If it bleeds we can kill it Predator 7 280
    90 There are 2 kinds of people in this world, those with loaded guns and… The Good, the bad and the Ugly 6 279
    91 I killed him for the money and for a woman. I didn’t get the money… Double Indemnity 5 276
    92 Leave the gun, take the cannoli The Godfather 5 272
    93 When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk The Good, the bad and the Ugly 7 272
    94 I have a bad feeling about this Star Wars 7 271
    95 Game over man! Game over Aliens 8 269
    96 I’m gonna make you squeal like a pig Deliverance 7 264
    97 Stupid is as stupid does Forrest Gump 8 259
    98 One, Two Freddy’s coming for you Nightmare on Elm Street 6 256
    99 I know what …you’ve gotta ask yourself a question: Do you feel lucky… Dirty Harry 6 256
    100 Never go full retard Tropic Thunder 6 251

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