Michael Powell Award Nominee For Best British Film, Jane Linfoot’s “The Incident” Set For Debut In Edinburgh

The Incident, a character-driven psychological drama from BAFTA-nominated writer/director Jane Linfoot receives its world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival today.

Jane Linfoot, The Incident

The film is Linfoot’s debut feature and stars Ruta Gedmintas, Tom Hughes and Tasha Connor. Nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film, The Incident follows the story of how a successful young couple’s sheltered, affluent world is shattered when they each make a decision to neglect the needs of a vulnerable teenage girl.

The husband exploits her, and the wife, unaware of her husband’s actions, fails to respond to the girl’s plight. When the girl invades their luxurious country home and scares the pregnant wife, the repercussions of their actions weigh heavily on their consciences, leading to traumatic reassessments of themselves, their relationship and the wider world around them.

Jane Linfoot is a self-taught filmmaker from North Yorkshire. She has written and directed several acclaimed short films including Youth (2007) nominated for Best British Short at the Edinburgh International Film Festival; On Your Own (2010) nominated for the UKFC Award at the London International Short Film Festival; and Sea View (2013) made under the BFI shorts scheme and nominated for a BAFTA for Best British Short Film 2014 and winner of Best British Short at the Leeds International Film Festival.

Jane’s prolific short film career was achieved in spite of initial struggles to gain industry recognition and financial support for her work. Her first three short films were self-financed and produced whilst working as a line-producer on commercials.

Linfoot says: “It’s been a long, and arduous journey making the transition from short films to a debut feature. I began writing and directing whilst juggling a hectic career in production. I had interest from financiers and producers but no solid commitment initially so I took some bold, and not altogether practical risks, producing and self-financing my work just so I could get the projects off the ground.”

Her most recent short Sea View won the backing of the BFI and established a relationship with the late Christopher Collins and Lizzie Francke at the BFI Film Fund who both encouraged her towards her feature debut with The Incident.

Cooper Charles, who had tracked Linfoot’s career over a number of years and developed The Incident with the support of the BFI says: “I was always full of admiration for Jane’s determination to get her films made, even if that meant working under the radar and outside of the system. That refusal to let go is the mark of a true filmmaker, somebody with a real need as well as the desire and ability to tell great stories.”

Lizzie Francke, Senior Executive in the BFI Film Fund, says: “The Incident really marks Jane out as a filmmaker to watch. It is a real chamber piece mystery in which she digs into the dark secrets of her characters and their psychology. We couldn’t be more proud for her and Caroline that the film has been selected to premiere at Edinburgh.”

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