Top10Films: News (August 2010)

The Greatest Comedy Tournament is entering its final stages over at, if you have yet voted, head on over there for a look.


Meanwhile, while you’re here – if you haven’t cast your vote in the Godfather 1 versus Godfather 2 debate you can do so right here!

We’ve been busy posting many top 10 lists over the last few weeks, the most popular (and controversial) of which is Rodney Twelftree’s Top 10 Sequels of all time. We followed that up with the less controversial Part 3s that are better than Part 2s top 10. Rodney has also written an excellent top 10 list looking at the best Australian comedy films.

Other top 10 lists posted in the last few weeks include:

Top 10 Films to avoid before flying
Top 10 Anti-Date Films
Top 10 Science-Fiction Films for kids
Top 10 Family Films of all time

Meanwhile, we look at a classic scene from James Cameron’s Aliens, Dan Stephens takes a look at his favourite 80s movies in his guest post for , and we review the original Amityville Horror and John Landis’ Animal House.

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