Eden Lake Meets Sweeney Todd By Way Of A British Kebab Shop In Urban Thriller “K-Shop”

British thriller “K-Shop” from writer-director Dan Pringle sees Eden Lake meet Sweeney Todd as a kebab shop owner turns the tables on his rowdy customers…

K-Shop, Mem Ferda

This year, heavy drinkers will think twice before stopping for fast food on the way home after a night out, thanks to a new horror film based in Bournemouth. A gritty Sweeney Todd-inspired thriller, K-Shop is the story of a British kebab shop plagued by binge drinking culture –with some stomach churning consequences.

After his father is killed in an altercation with drunken thugs, the film’s protagonist Salah (Ziad Abaza) finds himself struggling with the frenzied nightlife that descends upon the family kebab shop night after night. The situation reaches boiling point one night when a fight with an angry customer ends in grizzly circumstances. Salah is forced to dispose of the customer’s dead body and looks to the one place he knows best – …the kebabs.

As Salah watches his gullible customers devour the new flesh kebabs, he eyes the opportunity to seek revenge on the world. The dark descent into vigilantism begins as he sets about killing others he deems punishable.

Producer Mem Ferda comments, ““When my producing partner Adam J Merrifield approached me to co-produce with him on this Sweeney Todd inspired thriller, I was completely bowled over after reading the script penned by Dan Pringle. I can only describe it as an intoxicating, super-slaughter, Sweeney Todd-esque ride that cleverly has a stab at the British culture of binge drinking.”

Ferda went on to say, ““Its high time a socially relevant film like this was made highlighting the significant problems of binge drinking that is prevalent amongst our ‘teen’ and ‘young adult’ society today. Additionally, it’s intelligently embodied in a wonderfully entertaining horror thriller. Dan Pringle clearly has the stamp of greatness, he is one of the most exciting new British directors I have come to know and it’s been fantastic working with him on this project.””

Writer and Director of the movie Dan Pringle commented, “”Whilst inspired by the classic Sweeney Todd story, K-Shop will prove to be a uniquely exciting movie going experience in its own right. Set against a familiar backdrop of British binge drinking culture, the film’s intention has always been to present a highly thrilling story whilst simultaneously touching on some important social issues.”

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