The Man With The Golden Gun Rides Out: Christopher Lee Has Passed Away Aged 93

Christopher Lee, the iconic star of a slew of Hammer horror classics, Robin Hardy’s brilliant The Wicker Man and James Bond adventure The Man With The Golden Gun, has passed away aged 93.

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Christopher Lee, who passed away June 7th 2015, will be remembered for his magnetic performances in Hammer’s classic horror movies, his portrayal of Lord Summerisle in Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man, the “man with the golden gun” in Roger Moore’s 1974 James Bond adventure, and more recently, Count Dooku in the new Star Wars franchise and Saruman in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies.

Personally, my favorite performances from Lee came against type in Hammer’s The Devil Rides Out, where he plays the protagonist/hero instead of the chief villain and in The Wicker Man, where he returns to what he does best as the enigmatic villainous leader Lord Summerisle who commands his devoted underlings to seduce Edward Woodward’s police detective with devastating, tragic consequences.

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    With both Lee and Ron Moody dying this week, it’s been a really sh*tty day in cinema history.

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    Yep – sad day.

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