London’s Waterloo Station Prepares For Dino Invasion As Jurassic World Arrives

Jurassic World is taking over Waterloo Station! A two week, fully immersive, takeover of one of London’s busiest stations with 350k footfall per day!

Jurassic World Film Poster

All branding, poster sites and digital screens will be themed to the film while the station will also be split into zones for ‘in-world’ and film advertising. The underground tunnel has been completely wrapped featuring Mosasaurus aquarium and Jungle raptor scenes while the mezzanine level will take you through a 10-minute audio tour available at

A life-size Velociraptor installation is an amazing photo opportunity for all! The 4 raptors from the film, created from 3D renders from ILM are positioned on top of a crate playing raptor sounds from the movie.

Jack Horner participated in activity today at the station and is one of the world’s leading palaeontologists and has consulted on all 4 films as well as being the inspiration behind Alan Grant in Jurassic Park.

Jurassic World arrives in UK cinemas 11 June

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