Mem Ferda Squares Up Against Craig Fairbrass in Gunned Down

British action star Mem Ferda is set to captivate Cannes as he squares up against fellow hard man Craig Fairbrass in Devil’s Playground director Mark McQueen’s ultra-violent Gunned Down.

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Directed by Devil’s Playground filmmaker Mark McQueen, Gunned Down has been described as a “slick” and “confronting”, and “guaranteed to have viewers gripped from start to finish”.

Ferda says, “I’’m so excited for Gunned Down to be unveiled at the most prestigious film festival in the world. The silver screen is no stranger to action movies however a lot of the newer productions seem contrived and lacking depth. For me, Gunned Down is a gritty representation of the very real lives of violence that underworld figures lead. Craig has penned a powerful and provoking screenplay that grips audiences and relentlessly keeps interest in every second of screen time.””

The film unfolds in two key locations –- Southern Spain’’s debauched and sun kissed city of Marbella, and the shadowy streets of London’’s notoriously dark underworld. When career criminal Jack Cregan (Fairbrass) embarks on a vendetta to solve the mystery of his father’’s murder and reclaim a stash of stolen heist money, he quickly finds himself in collateral danger. Soon Cregan, his cousin Sammy and fellow gang members Eddie and Frank start to suspect that there is more to the mystery than originally thought. As Cregan starts to dig he must face the fact that his life is changed forever. Brains, brawn and firearms collide as the men take on a gritty world of gangland criminals, corrupt police and vindictive cover ups.

Ferda fronts the ‘baddies’ pack as notorious East-end gangster and infamous London lap dancing club owner, Lenny Moore. Lawless, ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to protect his underground empire, Moore is a serious hurdle for Cregan and his truth seeking crusade.

Like his character, Ferda also holds a dark past that undoubtedly enhances his portrayal of Lenny Moore. As a child he watched his father narrowly escape an assassination attempt, as a student he was detained by Serbian border police as a suspected drug smuggler and as an adult, he’’s come face to face with armed gunmen in the alleys of Istanbul. While some may have let these experiences weaken their character, Ferda has used them to pull off utterly magnetic ‘hard man’ roles.

Ferda said, ““As soon as I read the script the character of Lenny Moore cried out to me. His authenticity and complexity has me riveted, and I knew I had to bring him to life.””

As well as starring alongside Fairbrass, Ferda is backed up by a talented cast of well-known names. Co-stars include James Cosmo (Game of Thrones), Steven Berkoff (Octopussy), Nick Moran (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), and Nathalie Cox (Kingdom of Heaven).

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