Kent Jones’ Highly Anticipated Documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut Debuts Today In Cannes

The world premiere of Kent Jones’ highly anticipated documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut takes place today in Cannes. Check out the beautifully designed poster below…

Hitchcock/Truffaut Documentary Film

In 1962 two of the greatest minds in cinema sat down for a historic conversation. Hitchcock/Truffaut invites you to sit down at the table as François Truffaut’s intimate and expansive interview with Alfred Hitchcock unfolds.

David Fincher, Richard Linklater, Martin Scorsese and other legendary filmmakers add to the discussion of Hitchcock’s enduring legacy and influence on cinema.

Directed by Kent Jones (A Letter to Elia, Jimmy P., Director – New York Film Festival) and written by Serge Toubiana (Director of the Cinematèque Française) and Jones, the film thrillingly chronicles the intellectual and artistic bonds between the master of suspense and the French New Wave auteur.

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