Review: “Dog Soldiers” Meets “Murder On The Orient Express” In Paul Hyett’s “Howl”

Paul Hyett’s follow-up to The Seasoning House appears to take Murder on the Orient Express and throw its inhabitants in with Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers – we think it looks ace!

Paul Hyett's Howl

Prepare for another hour or two of sheer terror as The Seasoning House director Paul Hyett brings us Howl later this year. The horror takes place after a late-night train journey out of London turns into a hellish nightmare when the young guard and his band of commuters are forced into a fight for survival against a pack of malevolent and terrifying creatures.

Joe, a young mild-mannered train guard, is bullied by his overbearing boss into working one more shift on the last train leaving London. It’s a dark and stormy night and the passengers are a meager bunch. His only consolation is that he’ll be riding alongside beautiful trolley girl Ellen. After travelling a while, the train brakes violently and comes to a sudden halt deep in the middle of a forest. They seem to have hit something on the line but when the driver ventures out to investigate he never returns.

The passengers start to panic but Adrian quickly takes charge and convinces everyone to leave the broken-down train and walk the remaining few miles to the next station. But as they begin to walk up the track to Joe’s horror he stumbles upon the driver’s mutilated body. Realising that there’s something dangerous lurking in the forest, he rallies the group to head back to the train, pursued every step by a malevolent monster. Whatever it is, it wants them, but there’s no where to go. It isn’t long before the group realise there’s more than one of those things in the forest…

Check out the trailer below…

Howl will be released internationally later this year…

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